09 Jun Watch // Andy Vernon in the Diamond League spotlight

If we’re measuring popularity by the number of Dictaphones shoved into a still reddened post-race mush then Andy Vernon was the undoubted star of the Diamond League show last Sunday.

The journalistic hubbub in the mixed zone after a pretty average 13:48 performance reflected the growing stature and media profile of the European 10,000m silver medallist.

But if it was dynamite the press wanted then they will have left disappointed. The oft-vocal twenty-eight year-old assured Eightlane, however, that “if I’ve got something to say, I do like to say it.”

After his much-publicised Twitter spat with compatriot Mo Farah in February – which followed on from the furore caused by calling out Lyndsey Sharp over her reaction to her own silver medal-winning performance in the Commonwealth Games 800m last year – Andy laughed off suggestions he was the new voice of British athletics.

Whilst admitting he’s a little more cautious before he tweets nowadays, Andy wasn’t shy in responding to questions regarding the allegations raised against Farah’s coach, Alberto Salazar, in the BBC Panorama documentary, Catch Me If You Can, last week.

“It’s ruffled loads of feather, it’s got the public exicted. It’s good to allow the public to know about that sort of situation because us, as athletes, we hear stories – there’s not much reported in there is new to us,” Vernon commented. “It’s put a massive frenzy in there but nothing’s really come from it.”