03 Oct The Student Diaries: Part I

Michael is a running-obsessed future Olympian who is taking the first difficult steps into the world of University life at a top sports institution. Exclusive to EightLane, here is Part I of his diary……

Monday 30th September

Mummy and Daddy dropped me off this morning. Had to get up at like 8 am. MAJOR NIGHTMARE! But Daddy left me a £5,000 cheque when he left which is a MAJOR BONUS!!!!!!! Anyway when they’d finally got lost (Mummy was a bit clingy and I was like ‘cringe, Denise, go away, I’ve so got this’) I went for a run to have a look round. Did 12 miles according to the Garmin at an average pace of 6:02 per mile. It was bit hilly so will round it up to 14 miles in the diary.

Got back and took a shower. MANK! Seriously, I have like an en suite at home this is a MAJOR NIGHTMARE! Peeps still arriving but I wanted a nap after I ate my bowl of porridge with honey and dried fruit. I fired up the brand new Mac Book Air that Auntie Betsy got for me and whacked on some episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (brought back so many memories of the Gap Year experience trekking through Columbia in Ralph’s Land Rover Discovery – emosh man, emosh!)

Slept for like three hours (early start took its toll) and when I woke up I had some Shepherd’s Pie that Mummy had made for me. I met some of the lads that I will be sharing Halls with. I’m not being like funny or anything, but some of these guys are like pretty weird. There’s Geordie (he is from Sheffield, go figure) who lives next door and he isn’t a runner. He thought I was crazy for going for a run. Kyle who is also on my corridor is into computers and shit. He ACTUALLY ASKED ME HOW LONG THE LONDON MARATHON WAS!!!!!! Weirdo. I’m not judgmental at all, but I don’t like them.

After I had eaten, I went to this really cool athletics social going on in the Union. Everyone was so chilled and they were all like ‘what’s your PB for the 1500?’ and I was like ‘1500 isn’t my main event. What’s your PB for the 2k steeple?’ Anyway I had like 2 pints of beer and got mega-drunk man. Hit the sack early listening to the Arctic Monkey’s new album on my new iPad mini.

Tuesday 1st October

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!! Like so hung over this morning. I mean, I get drunk alllllll the time when I am at home and my parents are away and it’s the off-season, so this totally isn’t new thing for me. I went to bed at like 12:30 and so got up just after 11. Had some cucumber juice and a granola bar for brekkie and headed out the door for a run. Felt awful. MAJOR NIGHTMARE!

By like major chance, I bumped into this lad Johnny who I met last night. He went to the England Schools (and made the final) in the 800m when he was in Year 10 and so is a major hero. He was TOTALLY COOL though and actually didn’t do all my run with me. He was like ‘man, I’m so not up for this right now and I’ve got to go and stretch and do core’. Such a chilled guy. He went to the track to do that and I completed my run. My Garmin said that I did 10 miles but as I had been out last night, it felt like longer. I put 12 into the diary. The average pace was 6:13 per mile.

In the afternoon, I was just chilling when Johnny texted me and asked if I wanted to go into town.  I was made-up man! An ENGLAND SCHOOLS FINALIST wanted me to go for a coffee with him. He said some other of his mates were going too and so I reckoned there’d be at least one other international runner there. I was mid-Curb Your Enthusiasm episode but hit pause, donned the flip -lops and Jack Wills gilet that I bought in New York and headed for the bus stop.

So Johnny’s mates weren’t runners but they were majorly cool. Johnny said that he wasn’t in to hanging out with runners the whole time as all they spoke about was running. I was so cool with that. During my Gap Year, I went travelling with a group of runners and they were so boring. It was always like ‘when I run this’ and ‘when you run that’. Johnny’s a dude. I mean he HAS ACTUALLY ACHIEVED SOMETHING in the sport.

Once we were done with coffee, Johnny’s mates wanted to go straight to the pub!!!!!!! O. M. G!!!! Johnny was up for it and so I figured that if it’s good enough for an England Schools finalist, it’s good enough for me.

We had an INSANE night out. I had 2 pints AND a shot of vodka! To be honest I don’t know how I didn’t chunder. Got home at like 2:30am. Johnny pulled some REALLY FIT girl (I think she was like a high jumper or something) and so left earlier. I was too tired (and drunk) to do my breathing exercises that I wanted to and so hit the sack.

Wednesday 2nd October

Sacked off running in the morning as was so wasted. Woke up at 2pm. MAJOR NIGHTMARE. Johnny had texted me fourteen times (my iPhone 5S was set to ‘Do Not Disturb’). Apparently he’d shagged this bird like 12 times throughout the night. He didn’t even get her name afterwards and just left at like 6am. HERO! He said that he was going out again tonight and that I should totes go along.  I said OK but I had like this big meeting with the athos club before so would go after that.

I pigged out big style on the food front. Was gonna make an egg white omelette but I thought ‘sod it’ and went for the yokes as well. I stole some of Geordie’s white bread (I haven’t seen him since Monday but there’s this weird smell coming from his room). Wasn’t full after that(!!!!!!!) and so made myself a bowl of porridge and stole a chocolate bar from Kyle (doing him a favour, he could totes do with dropping a few pounds man). I felt sick afterwards and so went to watch the new series (stolen from the internet) of Homeland to make myself feel better. Johnny called and told me about tonight’s arrangements. Soooo up for it.

The meeting with the athos club was cool. But everyone was pretty boring. We did like this really dull core workout and everyone seemed pretty bad at athletics. There was this one guy who had gone to school with a guy who once sat next to Andy Baddeley on a train. That is INSANE but not in the league of Johnny. There was also this random guy in full GB kit. I wanted to talk to him some more but he was cross training (deffo injured but really committed) and so will catch up with him at the group run tomoz (which is meant to be a smash up – THAT’LL BE COOL AS).

I ran alone afterwards but cut it a bit short as had to meet Johnny. I ran like 8 miles  (avg. 6:42) was wearing heavier clothing than normal. I’ve put 10 into the diary. I texted my coach when I got back to tell him it was all good and that I was getting into running and everything. He texted back asking if I was up for doing the South West Midlands (North) Cross League next weekend. I said I’d think about it.

Then pulled on the Ralph Lauren polo, after-shaved up and headed into town to meet Johnny and the lads.

How will the big night out go? Will Mike win the ‘smash up’ club run? Will Johnny reveal the secret to his success? Come back next week to find out……

Part II now ONLINE here