07 Oct The Student Diaries…..Part II

Earlier, Mike told us how he was settling into his new life at a top UK sports institution. He met a English Schools finalist and got stuck into the social scene. We left him getting ready for another big night out with his new friends. You can refresh your memory with Part I here

Thursday 3rd October

OK, so I’ve always been like massively anti-drugs. This girl once came to our school and was like ‘don’t do drugs’ and we were all like ‘yaaahh, obvs!’ When I was in Columbia, there was A LOT of drugs going around, but we all said no because we were well into running and that.

Anyways, Johnny had like this stash of weed last night and was like saying you should totes have some. I was like NOOOOO WAYY MAN what if I get tested at training or something? (heard that happens here cos everyone is so good) He was like ‘relax, it’ll be fine. I got high two hours before the England Schools AND I ran a PB’.  So I thought about it and went, yeah, WTF?! It was amaze. Such a cool experience. So chilled.

We were all like sitting there in this park in the town talking about shit until sunrise. Majorly cool. Johnny got a text from this bird he said he’d met in the town during the day. She was all like ‘come round’ and he was like ‘whatevs, you’re not even that fit. Nooooo wayyy!’ Eventually he went round there. HERO!

Onto the day. I had this long chat with my drills coach back home. We have been working on increasing my stride length by quarter of an inch because I read somewhere that Steve Cram did it once. He has set me some stuff to do and I said that I would do it tonight after the run. Cool. Really positive.

The group run was cool. Everyone was smashing it and I thought about going with it but decided not to. I was like ‘I know that an English Schools finalist isn’t here so what’s the point in winning a pointless run now???” I ran 6 miles (6:59 pace) but there was a surge in the middle. Have put 8 in the training diary as I think the Garmin is playing up.

Johnny wasn’t up for going out tonight as he was with these two birds he met when walking home from shagging this bird he was with last night. Bet he’s getting a threesome. WHAT A HERO! I did some exercises in my room (the floor is MANK needs a clean). I had run out of the food mummy and daddy left me (I should really call them) and so opted for a pizza that Geordie had ordered. He looked well weird, like totally zoned out. He said he was watching recordings of Deal or No Deal if I wanted to join in. I decided against it and took my pizza back to my room (removed as much of the cheese as possible).

Friday 4th October

Friday is a rest day for the Uni athletics scene but I was in a major panic about the pizza I’d had the night before. Got up well early (10am) and did a run. Felt awful. My own fault. Shouldn’t have had that pizza. I did 4 miles (avg pace: 7:13) but have put 6 in the diary as it felt longer.

Got back and fired up the Mac. Haven’t checked email in like decades. WHO COMMUNICATES ON EMAIL NOWADAYS THAT IS SO OLD MAN-ISH!!!! I had 4 emails from my grandparents (see, old – that’s fine), one from my mummy (she’d wired some more money into my account) and an email FROM THE ATHOS COACH AT THE UNI!!!! I’m on the group mailing list!!! Totes made it now. He said that there would be a hill session starting tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm. Weird time, but GET IN! Finally the op to show what I can do. I think I will shave my legs later especially for the occasion!

I texted Johnny to see if he was doing it (I think he trains alone – fair enough when you’re THAT good!!!). He didn’t reply straightaway. I massively needed to go to Sainos (major famine situation going on here) and so pulled on my Worcestershire Schools XC hoody, a Nike hat, some shorts and flip-flops and headed for the bus. Major coincidence on the way – I only sat next to the guy in GB kit from Weds night!!! He was still wearing the kit and had his rucksack clearly en route to Sainos!! I got chatting to him. He’s injured atm but hopes to go to the European Cross this year. I didn’t quite get in what event he represented GB in but he spoke like a proper good runner. I didn’t want to look stupid so I just didn’t ask what his PBs were. Obvs as soon as I got home, Power of tenned him (got his full name) – turns out he is a mountain runner!!!!!!  So not that impressive. When I get my Olympic kit, I don’t reckon I’ll wander around wearing it. That’s not cool.

Once I got back from Sainos (put it on Mummy’s credit card as she said I could) and had finished my Po10 stalking, I did some stretches ready for sesh tomorrow.

Johnny finally texted back. He had had a MAJOR NIGHTMARE and run into his ex-gf who was like majorly freaking out about the threesome he’d had. He probs wasn’t going to train tomoz as he had to speak to her. He has to see how it goes. SHE SO NEEDS TO GET OVER HIM, LIKE DUH! He said he wanted to meet for a quiet drink so I said I was obvs up for it but had to be back early ready for sesh tomoz.

Saturday 5th October

So got in far too late last night. Johnny said that he always trained better after a big night out and so I stayed out until 3am. He got off with some bird and went back to hers (obvs). He texted me to this morn to say that he’d banged her so much that he’s strained his back and so couldn’t do the sesh today. Starting to wonder when he gets the time to train.

Felt rough all morning but got myself out for training. I opted to wear club vest (need peeps to see I’m legit) and jogged down to the meeting point (1.4 miles; avg pace: 7:22).

The session was awful. Like the worst. Not one good thing in it. I was so tired. My legs were heavy and I felt ill. I’m like death on legs and in a running vest. I think I’ve got a cold coming. I did one rep but then had to stop. Everyone else said they were going easy (although they were breathing a little hard) and I was suffering. I’m devoed.

I walked home totally knackered and phoned mummy. She said to phone my coach which I did. He said that I was clearly the most talented athlete he’d ever seen like ever and he’s been coaching over 8 years. I felt better then, watched X Factor and went to bed early. I’ll do 20 miles tomz to make up for it.

Sunday 6th October

So Geordie had a party last night. Woke me up at like 3am. I couldn’t get back to sleep and so thought, WTF, I’ll get involved. I didn’t have dinner night before because I didn’t deserve it after dropping out of the session and so a shot of tequila went straight to my head.

Can’t really remember much else but I definitely chundered. My room is a mess, and my running shoes got thrown up onto some cable 20 feet in the air. I feel soooo ill.  Got a text from Johnny. His ex-gf forgave him for the threesome and he said that she ended up wanting to get involved. So he had a foursome…..ON THE ATHLETICS TRACK!!! The guy is cool, no doubt about that. Maybe that’s what it takes to be a good runner. To just not give a shit.

Can’t be arsed to run today. To be honest, I’m starting to miss running at home with the group back there. I watched re-runs of past Olympic finals on YouTube all afternoon and slept a lot. Need to get my focus back.