20 Mar San Francisco & Valencia

I’m currently in the last hour of my flight to San Francisco for my training camp.  Having competed in Valencia this weekend I left my hotel at 0330 and it is now 0200 Spanish time, it’s been a long 24 hours and I’m looking forward to getting settled into US routine.  The competition this weekend was a little disappointing for me, I finished with 65.82m.  I’ll take the fact that my consistency was improved on my previous competition but I felt that I was capable of much better.

I’m in the US now until the 10th May to prepare myself for the Summer season, so it’ back to some hard training to consolidate Winter and make the last few gains physically.  The first week in the US will be an easier than usual week followed by a new training block, the structure and content of which I am yet to find out… I will keep you posted!