13 Jul Redskins sign Zach Pascal

Redskins signal Zach Pascal Does anyone else get the impression that Cousins agent is struggling to hold him back from signing a contract until they get more guaranteed money? I swear to God this has to be the receiving corp(Such as TE) The NFL now. I know there are QB on other teams like Rivers and Brees who will be looking at this potential offense and are just like”WTF am I learning here,Get real, They know what they’re getting with Cousins, But if other players succeed, Then they is able to pay him anything close to $25M next year in salary. So my taking into account is, If he issues a LTD next season, He get his signing bonus which should be $30M, And that gives the Skins the method to give him a low base salary in 2018 and probably 2019.It sort out. Just needs time to work. A lot of said it was a dumb solution, But if a guy like Pryor becomes Cousins go to wr, Might demand $15M/year, And if Gallette plays like he did prior to the, Might command $10 $12M/year. Cousins is sensible, And consequently is Eric Schaffer, And they both want the same principle, And Cousins would like his weapons.