Guy Learmonth

11 Apr Quick Fire Questions with Guy Learmonth


Name: Guy Learmonth

DOB: 20/04/92

Event: 800m

Coach: Rob Denmark/Henry Gray


How did you get into athletics – As most people know I was a Rugby player at heart and didn’t officially quit till I was 17 so, encouraged by my Dad who was an athlete in his day persuaded me to run in the Summer just for fun and purely to keep fit for the rugby as the season ended in April. Although, I think he saw some potential in me on the track from the early days but didn’t give much away!

Greatest achievement to date – Very tough to honestly pick one but my most memorable was qualifying for the Commonwealth Games Final, the emotions and ecstasy well and truly took over after I qualified automatically by 0.02s in my Semi alongside Rudisha and Rotich!

Favourite session – I love banging out some quick 200s – something like 2 sets of 4×200 of 2-3mins recovery but hit them hard! I also love pure race pace or eye balls out sessions.. If I nail them then I get such a buzz.. despite the lactic and long hours of vomiting that follow!

Favourite place to run – I’ve been to many places in the world but I love coming home and running along the beach, as I don’t get that luxury in Loughborough.

Sporting hero – Steve Prefontaine

Weird habit – Having a superstition of wearing odd socks for every race I do so I now deliberately pair them up oddly! That’s probably the tamest weird habit that I should share for the public!!

Favourite film – Wolf of Wall Street or Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

Cross country or track – TRACK!!! LOL! That’s s silly question!

Can you do a cartwheel – I think I could if I tried properly although I did get kicked out of my local gymnastics class when I was about 10 for not being able to do the splits. Well, that and bad behaviour!

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be – Somewhere in the Caribbean where it’s roasting hot, everyone’s chilled out and every street corner is jammin’ to Bob Marley. Dream!

What was the last book you read – Currently on the final book, number 5 of Conn Igguldens Conquer series’, which is about Genghis Khan’s entire life from beginning to end basically and then onto his sons and his Grandson Kublai Khan carrying on his legacy. By far the greatest books I have ever read!!

If you were running a great session but stumbled and were in the process of falling, would you try and stop your Garmin before you hit the ground? Be honest. – Haha! No, I wouldn’t, my coaches would have the times so I’m not really bothered about the Garmin, I’d rather stop myself from breaking my wrist or arm or something. I do see this stop/start thing all the time from the Loughborough athletic diehards and it does make me chuckle inside!

Favourite crisp – Don’t really eat crisps, I prefer to indulge on Oreos on a cheat day.

Pet hates – I have many!! But some are people not emptying the bath water… People who wear the same running kit day an night for weeks until it stinks the entire street out, just wash it, it’s not hard… People who wash their plate after a meal but not their cutlery, it just gets thrown in the sink so that eventually there becomes a mountain of knives and forks overflowing the kitchen sink… People who generally smell or have B.O.. I don’t know if that’s a pet hate or not but I just want to spray them with every bit of aftershave and deodorant I possess… Another one is girl’s who act stupid when they actually are quite intelligent? Just don’t do it, be yourself. OH this one really gets me!! But, people who put two pieces of bread in the toaster but only ever eat ONE piece and the other bit stays there all day!!! Can’t stand that!

If you could go on a date with anyone who would it be – I have a top 5 girls list (my girlfriend knows them too so it’s cool) but my ultimate 2 are Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston so either of them or both would do to be honest. If we can’t get them I have a man crush on Cristiano Ronaldo so I’d love to take him out on a date.

Would you rather be allergic to safety pins or have a magnetic body that attracted them – That would be a nightmare either way for putting on name bibs for races but what I still can’t get over is that we sent people to the moon years and years ago, we have all this fancy technology nowadays but we still rely on good old safety pins to put our bibs on our vest!

In 10 years time… I honestly hope to still be running, maybe… I’d only be 32… but a lot can happen. If I’m retired, hopefully I’ve invested my money well on the stock exchange, which is what I do currently, or have a successful property portfolio too to keep me busy… and wealthy!