15 Jun Quick Fire Questions with Adelle Tracey


Name: Adelle Tracey (Follow Adelle on Twitter HERE)

DOB: 27/05/1993

Event: 800m

Coach: Craig Winrow


How did you get into athletics?

I started at school from about year 5, where I did a running club once a week and competed at the Chichester road races once a year. My older sister did athletics at the time and I’d go watch her every week so as soon as I tuned 12 I joined the club too!

Did your mum or dad ever win the parent sports day race at school?

Haha no! My mum loves athletics but would admit that its not her forte! However my dad an athlete and ran for Jamaica.

Greatest achievement to date?

Silver medallist at the European youth Olympics over 800m.

Favourite session?

2 x 15 200m (first 5 off 1 min, second 5 off 45 and last 5 off 30)

Favourite place to run?

Bushy and Richmond Park

Sporting hero?

I have far too many! But I’d say as a child I always admired Kelly Holmes and Paula Radcliffe.

Weird habit?

I cant sleep without an eye mask on!

Favourite film?


Cross country or track?

Track. But weirdly I do actually love cross-country!

Can you do a cartwheel?


If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

South America

What was the last book you read?

Fault In our stars

If you were running a great session but stumbled and were in the process of falling, would you try and stop your Garmin before you hit the ground? Be honest.

Haha I’m not going to lie….probably!

Favourite crisp?

Sea salt and Balsamic vinegar Kettle chips!

Pet hates?

Fussy eaters, big egos and bad brows (because I’m a Makeup artist!)

If you could go on a date with anyone who would it be?

Josh Holloway from Lost

Would you rather be allergic to safety pins or have a magnetic body that attracted them?

I think I’d rather have a magnetic body, as it would be constant fun seeing what would stick to me next

In 10 years time…?

I hope ill still be running!