02 May Quick Fire Questions – Simon Horsfield

How did you get into Athletics?
When I was in high school ( in the first two years , when everyone was the same size ) I used to play rugby , I broke my arm in a training session one week so couldn’t play at weekend , the PE staff asked me if I’d like to run the cross country instead against the local rival school , I managed to win that race and it snowballed from there.
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Either, my European bronze 1500m medal or my 8:06 3k time at 19 year old.
Biggest weekly mileage so far?
85 although I would like to go higher its got to be managed properly between myself and Norman.
Who is your sporting hero?
Lewis Hamilton / Bradley wiggins , huge man crush on Lewis & Bradley Wiggins gave me goosebumps just reading him book.
What is your favourite sport other than athletics?
I’m a huge F1 fan , to the point that I will get up at silly hours on a Sunday to watch the races live from the other side of the world , for my 21st I went to watch the British Grand Prix , a birthday present I won’t easily forget.
What is your favourite film?
Favourite film…it’s hard to pick one , soo either … Fight club , seven , Star Wars trilogy ( original ) , rocky 1,2,3,4 or 6 not 5 or love actually.
If you had the ability to fly, where would you fly to on your first trip and why?
First trip if I could fly , the costume shop to pick up a red and blue outfit then on to Monte Carlo.
What is your favourite food and how often do you get to eat it?
Mums Sunday dinner with all the trimmings and I have one a week , although our local Chinese came in a close second , and I’m not going to say how often I eat that.
If you could go on a date with anyone who would it be?
Michelle Keegan or Franky Stanford
Within 10 years I will be…………………………………….
Within the next 10 years I hopefully will get the chance to be a full time athlete , I’d like to see how fast I could run if I could give it all my time, and most probably have a little Simon Horsfield running around too , baby Horsepower, but NOT before I’m 30!!