13 Dec Quick Fire Questions – Niall Brooks

How did you get into Athletics?
I was encouraged to get into Athletics by P.E teachers at my high school after performances during school sports day. I’d always assumed I was one of the better pupils during fitness lessons just because I was one of the rare kids that didn’t stop for a fag half way round the track. I was picked to run for Stockport in the country championships, just off football training, went to the English Schools Championships, and then went to look at clubs in my area. Eventually, I found my coach Norman Poole at Sale Harriers with an elite middle distance training group, and have settled into the group ever since.
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Although it’s tempting to state that winning a silver medal at the European Juniors is my greatest achievement, or becoming only the second ever junior to run sub 3.40 for 1500m. I class my 4th place at the World Juniors as my greatest achievement. Being within 2 hundredths of a second off a world medal, and being the first European in the race, means more to me as the standard of competition was the best possible for my age.
Biggest weekly mileage so far?
I think I may have dipped my toes in mileage of around 55 miles a week as my biggest so far. Hopefully I will be running a tad more than that throughout the current winter schedule.
Who is your sporting hero?
I am a big fan of Paul Scholes. Not only is he one of the greatest football players to play the game, he has done so remaining loyal to one club throughout his career. He has never made the headlines for the rong reasons and is a perfect role model for aspiring sports starts… apart from the fact he couldn’t tackle beans on toast!
What is your favourite sport other than athletics?
Football is my main passion and I am huge Manchester United supporter and try to get to as many games as time and availability permits!
What is your favourite film?
Im going to say Mean Girls.. no guy out there that has seen Mean Girls can claim they didn’t like it. There are so many quotes out of the film! I especially love the part where the strange woman comes to the school to talk about baking a cake out of rainbows and smiles. For being turning their nose to that answer, I’ll say something macho like Rambo to cover all audiences!
If you had the ability to fly, where would you fly to on your first trip and why?
I think if I could fly I would search all the trees in my town to rescue any kittens that may be stuck up there.. it’s always nice to do a good deed.. and .. it’s not really a job for firemen is it..
What is your favourite food and how often do you get to eat it?
8) My favourite food to eat is Pancakes! I love pancakes more than anything… pancake day is my favorite day of the year.. controversial.. but even more so than Christmas! I have to way all year round for them… but do sneak in occasional pancakey treat days
If you could go on a date with anyone who would it be?
I would take out Sue Oatham.. the mother of my girlfriend.. 1) because she’s a mighty fine lady.. and 2) so I could tell my girlfriend that I had just been on a date with her Mum..
Within 10 years I will be…………………………………….
Very cliché but I’m going to have to say that I hope to have achieved a medal at the 2016 Olympics. I’d like to stay in the sport after I’ve finished competing, possibly in a coaching capacity as I think it would be great to help and watch somebody try to achieve their dreams.