14 Jan Progress| Kirsty Addy

When you are alone in the house do you ever convince yourself that you can hear something? A sound that shouldn’t be there, like someone might be in the house. And it causes you to run up the stairs faster than would ever normally be ‘acceptable’ and sleep with a rolling pin (I don’t have a baseball bat) by the bed. Just in case. I’d like to think most of us could relate to this a little bit, or at least to that irrational fear that overwhelms you. Recently I somehow had the opposite happen. I was home alone, and as I lie there convincing myself the noises I could hear were all in my head, I was being burgled. Fan – bloody – tastic. Luckily I did eventually get up to check, and on doing so got the fright of my life realising there were men downstairs. Fortunately I had my wits about me and froze. I am USEFUL in these demanding situations. My initial movement managed to scare them off rather than lead them to come looking for what had made the noise and luckily this all occurred before they took too much stuff.

This was closely followed by having to say goodbye to KA number two. I went into the garage for an MOT thinking I would need a new bulb, and I returned without a car. 2014 ended on a high! I like to look at it as if I were getting all the crap out of the way in December ready to look ahead to a shiny new 2015! I did write a blog for the new year a few weeks ago, but I came to the conclusion that it was all about looking back rather than forward and to be fair there wasn’t much about running in there. I think I was missing the point of a running blog. Hence I didn’t put it up.

So looking ahead I first plan to put all the injuries of 2013 and 2014 behind me… however I shall of course be keeping hold of all the lessons learnt. All those rehab exercises that are stored in the brain for when they may be needed again. Those 63 different glute exercises that at first may appear less than useful… I know really mean that I can be ready at a moments notice to demonstrate number 34 to a fellow runner in need. In advance, you are welcome. My target for this year is very simple, I’d like to race. And I like to race a lot. I’m sure there will be ups and downs but as long as there is progress I will be happy. At the end of the day, big or small, progress is progress. I’m actually at home with a sickness bug right now, but to put a positive spin on things, whereas yesterday I was in bed for the day, I have made the big transition to sofa. Progress!10352901_750813084973156_8453075263943698921_n

I’d really like a track season and would also like to pb in every event if I’m honest. Putting it all out there and writing it down to show I mean business. I plan to do a couple 8’s which will hopefully get the pb streak going as I’ve never done one before … hence guaranteed pb! Yay!

For every runner I know that is running well, I know another that is either injured or ill. It’s a peaks and troughs kind of sport it really is. But from my own experience I have always found that the highs outweigh the lows and so for that reason I keep striving for the highs in hope that things will all come together. Hope you can do the same in 2015 too. :)

Addy xx