24 Nov Post-Commonwealth Games & back into training | Sarah Holt’s Training Blog

I haven’t blogged for a while so thought it was about time I got back into it!

After the Commonwealth Games I decided to end my 2014 season. It had been a difficult build up to the Games, after tearing my calf I only had around 8 weeks of full training to prepare for Glasgow and I wasn’t at a standard that I was satisfied with. I was very happy with what I could achieve in that short window but after the competition had ended there was no reason for me to continue to competing at a substandard level.

I enjoyed the remaining couple of months of summer. I watched my friends compete, played some other sports that I wouldn’t usually play and then went on holiday to Mauritius. I hadn’t been to a ‘paradise island’ before and Mauritius didn’t disappoint. It was amazing. I swam with wild dolphins, snorkelled coral reefs, had a dabble at water skiing (smashed it) and I was luckily enough to share these experiences with some of my best friends. It topped off a great summer 2014!

The post holiday reality check hit me pretty hard, pretty soon after returning to home soil. Nothing beats your car breaking down at 10pm on the M1 when you’re in shorts, tshirt, flip flops and your only back up clothing options are enclosed a suitcase full of bikinis and straw hats! It would seem that an October night just north of Sheffield is not quite as mild as what I had been accustomed to!

Back to more serious matters. My training goal for this winter is to get stronger. In comparison to most throwers at my strength levels are off the pace. My coach, John Pearson, and I have formulated a plan that includes two high volume and high intensity weights sessions a week in addition to working with a range of hammers, heavy and light, throughout the week. There are six months until the beginning of the season and eight months until the National Championships. A lot of work can be done in this time and I’m excited to see how my strength levels and throwing distances progress. Just like any other year, staying injury free is absolutely vital and I’m supplementing my week with two sessions of yogalates which I’m also really enjoying. My first block of training has just concluded and I have made gains in the gym and in my throws. Within the second block I hope to continue to make progress which will then lead me nicely into Christmas and the New Year.10676295_10100271613538838_4932584550850320025_n