08 Dec Poor leadership blamed for Australia’s Glasgow woes

A review of the Australian athletics team’s performance at the Commonwealth Games, including the row between head coach Eric Hollingsworth and Sally Pearson, said poor leadership was to blame for the embarrassment in Glasgow.

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  • John Bicourt

    At least Australia had the honesty to conduct a review on their team’s performance.

    Not so for UK Athletic’s team in London 2012, which their CEO De Vos admitted on a video: “we team actually had quite a bad Olympics. We didn’t get as many medals as expected. There were too many underperformances and too many injured”….(and forgetting to mention how many on “podium funding” never even made it to the Games!)………but no review or any review on UK Athletic’s underperfromance at any of the previous four Olympic Games and eight World Championships with not one medal improvement since funding began?……. And this is the most heavily funded and overstaffed NGB for athletics in the world! The government’s Sport’s Minister, Helen Grant and the Public Accounts Committee need to take a closer look as to how they are being fooled into believing GB athletics at the global level is a great success, when it clearly isn’t!