29 Dec Opening doors| Alex Nwenwu

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m sitting on my parents’ sofa, with my cat curled up on my lap and watching Wall-E while my dad plays with the new kitten. This is what Christmas should be about; relaxing and spending time with family. But what about training I hear you say? I deserve a couple days off, I’ve put the work in all winter and my body could do with some extra recovery. But what about all those Christmas meals you’ve been having? Gains my friend, gains. It’s “Bulkcember” and all the meals I’ve had are nothing but protein and vegetables (apart from the cheesecakes for pudding). Besides I’ve got all of January to strip down for the Indoor Season and it’s all about the food this time of year. I don’t care much for presents or a “White Christmas” anymore, think I’ve established over the past few weeks I’m actually an adult now… even though I still act like a teen a lot of the time.

What concreted my realisation that I’m a part of #TeamAdult was spending a weekend with some other graduate friends of mine earlier this month. We enjoyed a few beers at the Manchester German Market, went out for a pretty classy meal (wearing novelty Christmas jumpers to add a bit of flavour to the décor) and had a jolly up at a pub before making it to bed at a sensible 12:30am. Probably one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a while with added bonus of it being hangover free. We then proceeded to sloth our Sunday morning away watching 80’s/90’s game shows on Challenge, and reminisced about the difference growing up nowadays to when we were younger. That definitely made us feel old, but we began to embrace it. We’d been brought up during the birth of the internet so we had all the enjoyment of what a lot of people call a “proper childhood”, yet can keep up with the ever advancing technology that stems from the Online Age. We aren’t stuck in the past and we aren’t blinkered to a new media dictated society.

I’ll cut myself off before I get into the politics of it all… but would like to give a big shout out to my homie Wall-E keeping me company this morning. I’m a huge Disney fan (one thing adulthood can’t take from me) and that film has so many messages in there that need to be echoed to all generations. Look after where you live, look after your body, don’t be enslaved by media/multi-national corporations and don’t just have a want to survive, but a want to live (Captain B. McCrea, 2008).

I’m still not sure how I’m managing it, but everything seems to be going pretty smooth at the moment. I’m a firm believer in one door closing and another door opening, so when I didn’t get the Gym Instructor job in Nottingham, I came across a few new opportunities that could lead to even bigger things. I need to put in some extra groundwork over the next few months, but by this time next year I could have my own fully functioning business. Alongside that I could be playing a more dominant role as an Athletics Coach, seeing as Jerzy has basically given me responsibility over the majority of the sprint hurdles group in Loughborough now. Looks like I’ll be a sort of Player Manager at the Warm Weather Training I’m organising for Easter… this shouldn’t be too much of a problem seeing as there’s been a lot of progression in my own training this winter. Going over full height hurdles for the first time since August has shown me that whatever I’ve been doing has drastically improved my technique, yet I still have so much to learn. The support is there, I just need to ask for it. With everything that’s gone on, what I’ve learnt most is that it’s nice to just let things happen, but when you’re able to create opportunities yourself, you can unlock so many more doors.