11 Nov News in Brief: Part Four

Another week, another round-up of the top stories from Fairbs.

Athlete forced to get up pre-9am

A professional athlete has taken to social media to condemn a courier company for waking him up at 8:45am. The athlete called DHL ‘totally irresponsible’ after the driver rang the doorbell to leave a ‘package for next door’. It seems that the athlete’s next door neighbour had already left for work when the incident happened.

‘Don’t they get that sleeping is part of my job?’ thundered the GB International who was awake until after 1am playing on computer games. ‘If I don’t get enough sleep I simply won’t recover from my session. My race next month will be ruined now’.

DHL have apologised for the error and agreed to place the athlete on their ‘vulnerable persons’ list thus meaning he will not be disturbed again.

Awkward coach-athlete silence could continue indefinitely

After a minor disagreement over what session she should do, Grace Phillips has barely spoken to her coach, Jonathan Walters, since Tuesday. It is understood that the Thursday night drills session was marked by an uneasy truce between the pair and a series of difficult moments when eye contact was inadvertently made.

‘It was really awkward’ a training partner told reporters ‘Grace was really upset that she had to do an extra rep and didn’t even say bye to him on Tuesday’. Whilst neither party has expressed their disappointment to each other, both are understood to be very angry about the situation.

‘Neither of them will apologise and so I guess we just have to hope Grace gets injured or something and this will all just go away’ continued the source.

Runners in rush to remember

Athletes across the UK have rearranged their Sunday long runs to facilitate Remembrance Sunday. Whilst a select few told social media this morning that they were ‘getting the run done early’ so they’d be back in time for the mandatory two minute silence, the vast majority chose to delay their runs to coincide with 11am.

‘2 minute stop mid run’ tweeted one runner who usually runs for an hour and a half at 9am ‘so worth it though. We MUST remember’. Other athletes took their phones with them so as to tweet live pictures of themselves standing in a field. ‘If it weren’t for brave peeps like my granddad, we’d all be dead. #remembrennce’ (sic) said a 21 year-old student alongside an Instagram picture of her training partners wearing poppies on their running shoes.

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