08 Jan GB Olympian Julia Bleasdale Training Video in Bushy Park, London

At times I bemoan the winter months, the days are so short, the temperature drops below zero, getting the body into actions seems like a daily challenge as it rightfully tends towards hibernation mode.

But in reality, there is much to be gained in the cycle of the four seasons. The body needs time away from the long warm summer days and embracing a change of training sequence can help the body to rejuvenate. Maybe the cold weather adds another level of resilience, certainly focus and commitment is required to get out ‘whatever the weather’.

And then, every so often, you get a really special winter run, a crisp morning with the sun glistening on the frozen landscape, the deep frost covered grasses crackling beneath you feet. Winter doesn’t seem so bad at all and there is beauty to be enjoyed all around.

Last month I captured one of these, join me on my run!