14 Mar It’s been a while

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my absence from the blogging scene, it’s been a while. This cross country season has been somewhat a disaster. Result wise anyway. With a lot of poor results I’ve been left rather unsatisfied with my season as a whole. Consistent illness and injury has prevented my training from going smoothly since around about Christmas time, at times it’s hard to motivate yourself under such demoralising situations. Looking on the positive side, my work rate has been as good as anybody’s. I’ve spent hours upon hours in the gym carrying out cross training and strength and conditioning programs to keep my fitness at a relatively decent level whilst I’m not running.

Being honest things have started to come together a little too late, but better late than never. I started running freely about a week or so before the national and this led to my first full weeks training in a very long time. Before the gun had even gone in Sunderland, the coach and I had already talked through the race. I wanted to run a solid race, without dying or without being in pain. I was content with my run, coming 14th. If I’d had the confidence to get closer to the front, i could have maybe done a few places better, but I was pleased. Regardless of my race results, I know I’ve worked hard this winter. There is no real substitute for solid miles, but I’ve cross trained consistently enough to feel it has benefited me this winter, hopefully enough to convert it all onto the track.
Anyway we have the Intercounties this weekend and the Merseyside team are fielding a strong squad. After coming 4th in the national with just the Liverpool Harrier lads, I believe we have a good chance of medalling this weekend. The under 17’s age group is as open as ever, and on the right day the title could be anyone’s. I personally just want another solid run, something I can reflect on and be satisfied with. I’m not too sure if it would be foolish to assume that after only three weeks of running I’ll be in the form to challenge against lads who have trained religiously all winter, but who knows.

I obviously started writing this before the intercounties and I’ve only just had time to finish this off. Reading from the previous paragraph, it’s obvious that I’m pleased with my intercounties result, coming 2nd, to a very in form athlete, Jac Hopkins. Truth be told, I had no intention or belief that I’d finish as high up as I did. I can’t complain though, like I said, work rate-wise, although results haven’t gone my way, I believe I’ve worked hard enough this winter to compete with the best in the country, and that hard work is finally paying off. It’s all happened a bit too late with me, considering the season ends after the English Schools this weekend, it’s not the exactly the best time of year to be finding a bit of form but I’m just pleased to be running freely, no issues or injuries. The track season is my most crucial aim, I’m definitely hoping to give European qualification a good go, being one of the youngest it’s a long shot, but I guess I’ve always had a tendency to do things the hard way so we’ll see what happens. Short term, I’ll be flying to Malta in about six weeks for the ‘Malta International’. I’ll be there for about 4 days. We’ll be competing for the North of England over 1500m, hopefully taking advantage of the warm weather with a combination of runs in the day, followed by afternoons of sunbathing, now that’s called living the life. It’s a very low key event, but a great opportunity to get an early run out before we get to the business end of the track season.

Anyway I know this hasn’t been the most exciting of blogs, but it’s just a brief overview of what’s happened and what’s to come in the future.