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    What Athletic RULE would you like to see change ?

    Clubs have been invited by UKA to submit rulebook change proposals.
    “UK Athletics will be re-issuing UKA Rules for Competition with effect from 1st April 2018. Affiliated Clubs and Associations are included in the list of those who may send in proposed changes; individuals attached to a Club should have support from the Club before proposing any rule changes.”
    There are a few existing rules that come to mind , but my suggested change to the following one will probably be the most controversial and be rejected
    Subject : 4 x 100m relay for u15rs and u13yrs,for a pilot then if accepted move it upwards to u20yrs.
    Take a typical UKYDL match. The current problem is that the poor old track official standing, with red |& white flags ,at each of the change-over legs , particularly the first, has an impossible task of trying to see if six incoming sprinters all hand over the baton to the next runner before the baton passes over the outgoing hand-over line? Even a football linesman only has to go boss-eyed and look in 2 directions simultaneously. If the Track official spots and ‘red-flags’ one offender but misses one or two other offenders where is the fairness in that ?
    So my proposed change is to remove the disqualification rule should the baton pass the outgoing hand-over’ line.. ……In truth, it cannot be judged 100% fairly ………In my eyes the main purpose of the 100m relay is to see which team can carry the baton 400m the quickest.

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    The higher competition rule. Make better competition access based on ability not vest.

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    Mark E

    What would you change about it?

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    Get rid of it completely. Would have to get done alongside a change in competition structure but that’s still the thing I’d most like to see done.

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    Mark E

    It would lead to even more poaching from the clubs with most means.

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    Only if you keep thenatiobal league. Which I wouldn’t.

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    PIAA – if you scrap leagues entirely and go for some sort of BMC/throwfest type events filling their space on the calendar that is fine. However I don’t think many people want that.

    I’d say my local club would have lost about a third of the athletes I’ve ever coached once they got to u17 if it weren’t for higher claim.

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    Not all leagues, just national league. There needs to higher comp but individual based not team based, i.e. Available on merit not geography or vest.

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    I think that the higher claim is just a ‘sticking plaster’ over a fundamental flaw in the system. Athletes need better competition as they improve, and leaving a club merely for competition purposes causes more problems than it solves. I think that athletes should have to wear their club vest at all NGB licensed events though, and not any old representative vest. I think that clubs should be able to advertise on a ‘vest’, as should the athlete….

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    Hank… I agree with your suggestion about athletes who wear their Club vest should be allowed a small space to advertise any sponsorship/support .
    Would this need an amendment to an existing UKA current Rule ? If so do you know which one.? Or would it need a new set of UKA rules ?

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    You’d need a change in IAAF rules first.

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    Interesting PIAA. So are you saying that the Nike tick on vests is fine by UKA and IAAF rules but, say,’BT’ would not be acceptable ? I’m most ignorant on this subject of logos on vests , and unclear when a logo trips over to become an advert.

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    I’d remove the advertising rules, they’re a stupid hangover from the ‘amateur’ days and don’t really benefit anyone but the kit suppliers as far as I can tell.

    If you look at triathlon plenty of “sub-elite” (i.e not regulars at world cups etc) make a living from the sport because there’s money in the advertising/sponsorship, but in athletics you’re on lottery funding or pretty much on your own. Relax the advertising rules, let more athletes make a living from the sport and I think you’d see the elite end grow.

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    Yes SLL, there are specific rules on manufacturers logos on kit. They are IAAF rules. This is not something UKA can unilaterally ignore.

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    If only UKA knew someone with influence at the IAAF…
    I actually think that domestic rules are purely UKAs jurisdiction.

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