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    Lord Knowswhy

    “Performance Enhancing Drug”? I thought that it was L-Carnitine and I’ve looked through the entirety of WADA’s Prohibited List and can’t see it listed. You wouldn’t happen top be engaging in misinformation would you Zac?

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    Lord Knowswhy

    This is the link to the FULL video, NOT a poorly (my opinion) edited version of it.

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    Water and sugar are not on the WADA banned list either ‘Lord Knowswhy’, but if injected it is a doping violation… This is the grey area that many elite sports people seem to be operating…

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    Lord Knowswhy

    sorry Hank, you’re not correct, only an infusion of a volume greater than 50ml is prohibited, the 13.5ml infusion injected by Dr Chakraverty was entirely within the rules.

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    The cheats have swamped the anti doping system.


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    Lord Knowswhy

    It’s good to see you engaging in a debate rather than resorting to making sweeping generalisations Zac.

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    Not sure what is to debate.

    1) Uploaded a film comprising of self evident comments amateurishly glued together.
    2) Posted a graphic identifying the origin of “harmonization” as being a spurious weapon in the fight against cheats.
    3) Not sure I am qualified to debate any of these matters. You might be better off debating with a chemist and a professional sports administrator.

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    Lord Knowswhy

    so what was your motivation for the original post?

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    To encourage people to reflect on how money invested by government is benefitting athletics and those who participate in it.
    To encourage people to wonder whether different people have different definitions about what athletics actually is.
    To encourage people to wonder if it is possible that the organisation in charge of safeguarding safety, actually represents the biggest danger to impressionable young athletes, as well as trusting officials, coaches and club administrators.
    To enourage people to reflect on their own values, and how those values align with the people who work for and support UK Athletics, England Athletics, UK Sport, and Sport England.
    Finally to encourage people to reflect on what would happen in their own lives, if all the athletics professionals who receive a wage funded by the public purse, lost their jobs today.

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    john bicourt

    Pretty clear the DCMS Select Committee weren’t very impressed with the witness answers, especially the doctors over the failure to record the infusion given to Farah prior to the LM which supposedly (well, there’s no record of it!) was 13.5ml which was “entirely within the rules”! The question is, why was it not recorded given, as the Chair of the Select Committee, said, “the first time Farah had had such an infusion and the first time you (the doctor) had administered such an infusion, not just on any athlete but on our leading athlete”!……Then we heard all the excuses; how hard this doctor was working; how many he had to look after; but he did say he regretted not recording it…perhaps he didn’t record it because it was OVER the WADA allowed limit.

    Warner in his supposition regarding the failure to record the treatment, “it was disappointing, inexcusable….we’re not proud of the fact….lessons have been learnt”!….oh, that’s ok then?…Had this been about another country’s athlete who had won the same number of medals as Farah had won being coached by someone under investigation by the authorities (nothing proven as yet, of course), then UKA would be the first up in arms demanding WADA ban the athlete for receiving a non medically required injection, UNRECORDED.

    Liz Nichol, UK Sport’s CEO insisted that funding also paid for top “appropriate medical treatment” ………..How appropriate was Farah injection then, Liz, given that Warner stated Salazar was not a doctor and it was the doctors that administer the supposed supplement, intravenously having never done so before nor Farah ever having received it before……and then failing to actually RECORD it, as required by all doctors injecting ANYTHING into a patient…..What Warner failed to mention, when he professed the view Salazar was not a doctor and it was the doctors who gave the injection, was the rather important fact that the doctor giving the injection was acting on what he was told to give Farah by Fudge who was passing on the instructions for wwhat substance and the amount to be injected………………The DCMS Select Committee were clearly unimpressed. So now we wait for the finding after the election, that’s if any of the same are re-elected, which imagine UKA are hoping they are not!

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    The DCMS’s doping in Sport Report has now been published and can be downloaded from from:
    The numbers which leap out at me are Ed Warner’s statistic that their were 5,000 “interventions” for 140 athletes in 2016.
    (Paragraph 121 on page 35)
    I presume an “intervention” is a drug prescribed by a UKA Doctor.

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    Profile photo of southlondonllad

    Thanks Zac for the link to the latest ‘doping’ update ……interesting yet sad reading indeed……and your point of Ed Warner saying “there were 5,000 “interventions” for 140 athletes in 2016″ surely has got to be wrong at ever level ??

    My gloating cricket mate has just sent me a lengthy report by experienced Sports Journalist Ewan MacKenna of the Independent published today, heading ” Mo Farah has more questions to answer than gold medals and the facts are stacking up against him”….lets hope not.

    see link :

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    Its been shown in Spain, America and Australia that as soon as the police investigate suspicions of drugs cheating, the lid gets lifted quite easily.
    I consider United Nations Convention on Doping In Sport which gives power to both WADA and the Court of Abitration in Sport to have been designed by the drugs cheats.
    It is this international law which protects the cheats from ever being investigated.

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