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    Michael White

    There is a notice on the UKA website as follows ” Following the UK Members Council meeting held on 17th February 2017, a resolution was passed unanimously requesting the immediate resignation of Tony Shiret, Affiliated Clubs Representative, from the UK Members council.
    The process for replacing the Affiliated Clubs Representative on the UK Members council will be published on the UKA website in due course.”

    Things going from bad to worse for the athletics clubs ?

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    WOW…stuff whether AthleFit is still going or not………This sounds like it has a much more intriguing story to be told ?

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    Mike Winch

    So what happened ? Tony has put many hours into our sport , so what has done to deserve that ??

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    Lord Longthrow

    Perhaps BigGuts or Fangio will rush to inform us, as they do on everything else on all athletics forums around the world…

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    What the hell do I have to do with this thread? Why are you going around just making posts about me on every thread, its pathetic trolling of the highest order. Do you have any information about the topic? If so then tell people. Do you have any questions about the topic? Then ask them. That is what discussion is, this pathetic obsession with me and trying to make every thread about me is utterly ridiculous.

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    Mark W

    Frank, another inane contribution! I am the the classic grumpy old man but you cannot even get credit for that. What did your comments add to the sum total of debate or human knowledge…. This was the textbook case of ugly trolling. I would suggest growing up but that would be lost on you… On reflection pity is called for rather than detestation.

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    So…the latest , but none the wiser just yet……in Tony Shiret’s own words…..

    You may also have seen that, having been elected by 53% of the voting clubs as the Track & Field representative on the UK Members Council of UKA, a resolution was passed unanimously to remove me from the UK Members Council. This relates to UKMC agreeing that there was a breach of the UKMC’s Code of Conduct following advice from UKA lawyers.

    While I am still Chair of the National Council and an EA Board member I will not be commenting further re the specifics

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    oops I missed his final sentence ..
    It is my intention to contact the clubs that nominated me to explain the full version of events. I would like to re-assure readers that when the facts become known I hope you will see that I have acted in the interest of the clubs that elected me.”

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    Link to Tony Shiret’s final and departing insightful Blog . Surprised EA were happy for it to be published on their website …….Some great lines that hit home and shows the two NGB’s not in a great light eg
    “We should not just complain about the stagnation, lack of resources, ageing officials, weak IT and lack of modernity. We need to do something about it. The NGBs will not.”…..and …”It is time for the clubs/members to get more organised and politically motivated


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    SLL, Tony Shiret states …”It is time for the clubs/members to get more organised and politically motivated”. What the hell does he think ABAC has been trying to do for the last 10 years. Unfortunately there is immense apathy at club level. And add to this the secrecy surrounding our NGB’s which have been set up to operate without voting members then you have system which is out of control.
    Of course there will always be club officials who will go along with NGB’s and invariably they do this for their own self grandisement. Tony is one of a rare breed who got involved hoping to change things for the good. Clearly he has failed.
    It all goes back to the new Labour Government of 1997 who enforced a top down structure run by “Professionals?”. As in all bodies not subject to scrutiny the top people act like foxes in a hen house. They are not interested in the survival of the sport only their own positions and their inflated salaries

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    Good riddance to perhaps the most dodgy of men in a dodgy enough sport.
    He has been the reason for so many dropping out of the sport and has killed many a club and coach in his greed for his old club Newham and Beagles.

    Horrible man

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    Mark W

    …”killed many a club and


    in his greed for his old club Newham and Beagles.”

    Well this must be a first and a real new low for this site, claiming someone has committed what was known as a capital offence… Johnson (assuming you are using a nom de plume), what evidence have you got for such a heinous allegation of murder? Are you hiding your identity for fear that you will sued for making such an egregious claim? John Bicourt, Bill Laws, Michael White at least are willing to use their real names, whilst on the other side Mark E and myself are publicly know.

    I know you are now going to state that you were not speaking literally but your failure to use inverted commas now means you are in deep dodos if Tony chose to take it further…. He has the financial resources to pursue it as I suggest does a number of bodies you implicate.

    I do not know whether to pity you or not…. One reaps what they sow…

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    Mark W

    To tidy up it should shown:
    “…killed many a club and coach…”

    Johnson, it is what you wrote brother!

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    John Bicourt

    What exactly has Shiret been forced to resign for?

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