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    If you mean Steve Jones ran 4 times quicker than Mo’s LM time then 5th yes but clearly Mo is the 2nd fastest British athlete.

    Interesting that Steve won all those 4 races. Wonder what Steve might have run if the much increased world standards these days were in place then.

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    Is Manchester Marathon actually IAAF certfied?

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    john bicourt


    interesting question. I was with Steve last weekend and chatting about his Chicago run. As you would know he went through in 61.40 (!!)no pacemakers and he never did the depletion diet. What an amazing runner and such a modest bloke. Given his form at the time had he had the benefit of other top (African) runners around him who would argue Steve wouldn’t have run a 2.04?

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    Smoke Fairy

    Craig Hopkins. This will sound harsh but I honestly think that if you are seeking a championship selection as a marathoner you dot the i’s and cross the t’s regarding course eligibility. It’s just an obvious thing to be aware of; maybe a tiny bit bureaucratic but in my view, at that level, it’s as much part of the detail of double tieing your shoelaces and checking drink supplies etc. Aly Dixon had similar issue a year or two back, with Brighton’s certification at the time, maybe not a total surprise given the coaching set up at the time. I had same thoughts then.

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    European Marathon 1986, featuring Steve Jones breaking away from the pack after only 5K. Ran at 2:06 pace until dehydration did him in at 20 miles, shame. He was definitely capable of 2:05 on a Berlin type course.

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    Can admin get rid of these latter posts? Or provide a translation

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    Thought the Russians​ were here to help with your “fact” files Bill

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    Wrong Country But. We actually plan to use the FBI.

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