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    As it is so quiet here nowadays, which is not such a bad thing, I thought I would mention this small little matter which caught my attention yesterday at the London Cross Country Championships.
    We often fail to notice when the world changes in tiny pigeon steps, but we also wonder how did we get here.
    At the London XC Champs at Parliament Hill they used chip timing. About 50 metres from the finish I saw a young athlete kick off the chip around the ankle. It was very quickly retrieved by another spectator young athlete and thrown into the box with all the other chips.
    I enquired about the reasoning, and it was simple. The athlete did not wish to have their result recorded.
    I have not made any judgement. It was just a another pigeon step towards change. I am undecided whether it is in a good direction, or a bad direction, or neutral.

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    Why wear it in the first place if you don’t want your result recorded?

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    I assume he or she did not want their result recorded because they’d had a poor run. I suppose this is a more dramatic running equivalent to a long jumper walking back through the sand or a shot putter deliberately stepping out of the front of the circle.

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    I think young athletes have a relationship with their TOPs In Athletics profile, or PO10 profile, which they are seeking to edit by finding ways to remove performances they would rather forget.

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