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    Michael White

    Sport England have today announced funding for athletics of £7,299,000 for the next 4 years. This is in addition to the £4,725,000 announced in December.
    This amounts to a total of £3,006,000 per annum, but is probably less for EA as some of the £3m will be taken by UKA.
    EA’s grant income was £5,151,000 for the year ending in 2016. Therefore EA is looking at an approximately 40% reduction in their funding from the lottery and the taxpayer.
    EA has approx 150,000 registered athletes so a £2,000,000 reduction in their funding amounts to £14 additional for each registered athlete.

    You very very lucky people or you could join the Association of Running clubs and avoid paying through the nose.

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    It is my understanding that EA have seen this coming and are indeed informing staff at local level that their contracts will not be renewed after April 1st. Some jobs will be re-created and present incumbents will need to re-apply.
    As far as covering the shortfall by raising affiliation fees , that would mean £30 per competitor of any age. That one wont fly.

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    Alternatively, from what I hear, part of the reason for the funding cut is that SE will be going direct to mass participation organisations, so EA will not longer be asked by SE to fund those initiatives. So SE will directly fund people like Park Run, and there will be no need for EA to fund them.

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    Fangio, Parkrun has already received a £400,000 grant direct from Sport England. The money, spread over 2 years is to pay for extra Parkrun staff to expand Parkrun numbers.

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    Mark E

    Every sport is in this situation regarding grass roots funding.

    The big noise around elite funding is what we see in the press, as with the example of Badminton. The secondary, grass roots funding, is a different issue.

    The affiliation fees debate is spurious, because most sports generate funding this way. I work with a martial arts governing body and their affiliation fee is c£22. In addition, players pay for their grading events, another key income stream for their sport.

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