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    Hi there

    My club are looking at organising an open track meet for the first time. Can anyone recommend any definitive sources of information on how we go about this as we have had conflicting information from different bodies.

    Can I also ask a very simple question – are officials at events generally paid or is it a volunteer role (plus expenses etc).

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Mark E

    Pretty much all Officials are volunteers. Occasionally expenses are made available for travel and in most cases they are fed and watered throughout the event.

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    Established Clubs with a history of putting on Opens tend to have enough officials that don’t expect any payment or expenses. Our club would pay for the starters bullets and his/her travel expenses……and for the hire of Electronic Timing (track) and EDM for field……..

    Some venues, like Lea Valley Centre do pay for officials to attend their commercial Opens.

    Agree with MarkE…..and its VITAL to keep your volunteers provided with free refreshments.

    Good Luck…..and if it is your clubs first Open I can only suggest you Keep-It-Simple and build on the number of events offered for subsequent Opens.

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    Nothing frustrates people more at an open than it not running to time, so be conservative with the schedule/entry numbers.

    You’ll attract a decent number of sprinters if you have electronic timing and hoards if you are one of the few meets that is set up to run the sprints whichever way the wind is blowing… assumingbyou advertise that fact of course!!

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    Thanks for your helpful comments folks. Do you have any suggestions on where the best place to find officials is (or do we just ask other local clubs)? Comments about refreshments and timing are duly noted 😀. What would be the typical cost of hiring electronic timing systems?

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