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    MarkW. Sorry, but Your apparent expertise and past expertise is not something that jells with me. My broad definition of ‘winter’ is late October, November, December , January and February……In my minds eye, I think ‘Spring’ as March ,April and May. What months do you consider Winter months that you think best for new volunteers should be attending their first Officials course ?

    And , I would be grateful if you could refer me back to where I was ‘demanding’ summer courses ?

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    Mark W

    Well as you say Winter is late October, November, December, January and February so any of these you then come into the lower key indoor track meetings and start to gain the 4 or 6 experiences in meets. Surely the parent official can be encouraged to attend at this time as most clubs still have functioning squads then and have a connection to the club, also gives time for the DBS to be processed . There are the early season Open meetings and by that stage you have the expertise to officiate at County level meetings (Level 1 expertise) and open meetings. I find no inconsistency there. A total of 6 further meetings and the open book exam will take you to a Level 2.

    So I see no inconsistencies in my argument.

    The ‘demand’ comment was shall we say poetic licence, for that mea culpa

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    Mark W

    For Parents of course, there is the string of Sports Hall meetings to gain the necessary experience. 😀

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    We have few qualified officials, but a good core of volunteers/coaches/current athletes that do know how to officiate across a track and field programme. These are the people holding our club matches together. These people should be able to go straight to assessment… I feel we complicate things too much!

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    Today I received the email below from UKA…..Well , you can’t say they are not leaving it to the last minute …..

    Dear Official.

    As you may already be aware, the IAAF 2018 World Indoor Championships will be held in Birmingham from Thursday, 1st March to Sunday, 4th March with the competition schedule available for viewing on the LOC website.
    All licensed officials are now invited to indicate their availability for these Championships by completing the online form, via the following link:


    The closing date for submissions is 30th June, 2017.

    Additional information regarding the selection process and timelines is available here. It is vital you read this information before submitting your availability.

    Kind Regards

    Joan Durose
    Championships Director
    World Indoor Championships Birmingham

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