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    Your have my sympathies D.Steward.
    But England Athletics are doing their very best , as they often promise, by supporting all Clubs….Example ,yesterday,18th May, they have alerted all Athletics to pay their club subs.
    see EA website link : http://www.englandathletics.org/england-athletics-news/athletes-ensure-your-club-membership-fees-are-up-to-date-1
    Athletes – ensure your club membership fees are up to date

    The new affiliation year began on 1 April. While clubs have until 30 June to re-register athletes who were previously registered, athletes ensuring that their club membership fees are up to date will help make this process as straightforward as possible for their clubs.

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    So supporting clubs means the reverse. My club collected over £4,000 in athlete affiliation fees for EA coffers last year. And in return what do we get?
    We had a registered foreign athlete join before the first UKWAL match. We took her to Liverpool, she competed only to find out that she had to have separate clearance (at £10) as a foreign athlete even though she has been living in the UK for some time. The CALLE ON REDEA Committee tasked with this decision making sits monthly. So no rush.
    The eagle eyed recorders did of course deduct all her points.

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    Just my point of view…but if a registered u13yr brings a friend along to compete for the first time in a league meeting points should not be deducted….but the child (and their parents) be thanked and encouraged to come along again.

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    Mark E

    Dragging people off the street to compete in League matches seems a bit desperate. Why not encourage the registered U13 to bring their mates down to training to have a go and work from there.

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    For u13’s,Why not accept both methods? Why restrict recruitment and retention? Why stop a 11yr old turning up with a pal from having a go in an Ukydl because rules are rules. ?

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    If they aren’t registered then they won’t be on PoT and then the utter muppets of ABAC will pretend they didn’t participate. In addition I like the idea of encouraging people to come down and have a go at train Ning and racing. I did it a lot. Must’ve had 7 or 8 mates from school do the odd race and a couple do s couple of seasons. Of course those that were persuaded and didn’t carry on then lower the retention figure. So you have to ask whether you even try to get them down, because if it’s taken persuasion then they are less likely to stay and then you get muppets moaning about lack of retention. Personally I wouldn’t allow non registered athletes to score, open to abuse and registration is not expensive, especially orally when there is zero entry fee for the athlete to do the league.

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    I think the best argument for athlete registration is as a protection against what is basically cheating, particularly in league matches. I remember a few years ago, a long-standing official stating that his club took part in a NYAL match where the winner of the Under 15 Boys’ 100m for the host club had arrived at the venue driving a car! A registration scheme makes it much harder to get away with this kind of ‘ringerism’. Yes, I can understand the concerns that people are having to pay an extra fee and seemingly getting nothing for it, but anything that makes it harder for people to get away with using athletes who are actually overage or are still a member of another club is probably a good thing.

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    Mark E

    Why not 11 year olds throw Shot overhead? Run beyond the board and jump from the end of the runway or trip up the other runners in an 800m.
    The rules are set and we compete to

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    Mark W

    the ‘driving them off from the sport’ reasoning is woolly at best…. As Mark said, training is the place for them to establish themselves then perhaps an open meeting where some flexibility exists at this age, I think once you pull on the club vest, you must be a member, you benefit from the coverage afforded by insurance, you utilise officials etc.

    I am also conscious of remarks you made elsewhere about foreign athletes, the rule has existed for some time. If you are not an eligible home athlete then in many countries you CANNOT compete in others there is a time restriction. If they are Dual Nationals as some of us are then you make a clear decision what you are in terms of preferred nationality and accept what that entails. They are by their nature adults, you make ‘big boy/girl’ decisions. If the cost is an issue then you need to report their exploitiveemployers if £10 is such an issue. for them or else the club can subsidise them if their value merits that…

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    MarkE , It was only my personal view…but it appears to have ruffled a few feathers, and you and others reading so much more into it that was meant. It was you who used emotive words of ‘dragging ‘ them off the streets… wow , this was never in my thoughts…..And now you have excelled yourself with your vivid imagination to suggest I would agree to allow 11 year olds throw Shot overhead? Run beyond the board and jump from the end of the runway or trip up the other runners in an 800m…I would never would agree with that load of tosh.

    ‘Youth’ Leagues are just one part of athletes….Good fun, particularly if your club is doing well and winning . But there are not the be all and end all. There is NOTHING worse than an over officious official (we all know at least one) a ‘Jobs Worth’ who are unnecessarily rude and abrupt to children.

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    Mark E

    I agree regarding some officials who just want to ping athletes for any reason. The biggest culprits in athletics for the 10 to 14 year olds are team managers putting skinny kids into throwing events without any training.
    Going back to the Officials, my team usually help the less experienced athletes to understand that what they are doing during the warm up. Effectively for safety reasons. Likewise I saw some good throwers yesterday who could be even better with a couple of minor adjustments. I may have mentioned these to the athletes after the competition. Most of us are involved in the sport because we love it and seeing people fail does not appear high on our agenda.

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    Mark E

    The reason I mention those ridiculous examples is that I have witnessed a lot of questionable officiating at Schools events. We have often had children come to
    Us and tell us they are school record holders etc. When they perform it is obvious that they have been allowed to do whatever they want e.g throwing Javelin at waist height, pushing Shots out without being anywhere near their neck. I have also seen teachers measuring from the wrong end of the tape and from the centre of the board etc
    In any technical sport you need to make sure that the basics are coached and that events are run properly.

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