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    Best / worst example on display today of poaching (or coercement in terms of £££) was on display at the SEAA 12 stage today.
    A lot of people with a lot to say about Newham – they finished a fine 3rd but what annoyed was the fact that not a single athlete even came from London (or lives in London never mind Newham).
    Bob Smith lauding it as usual – he should surely hang his development manager head in shame.

    (And no Im not just bitter as they beat my lads)

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    I think the vast majority of clubs would love this issue delt with. I exctect those at the helm to be able to deal with the accusation of being ‘overbearing’ and create a climate where good clubs thrive, and poor ones sink.

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    I- should- get-a-life

    Bob smith is Area (London) manager, CCSOs’ are those with a development brief. There are three other area managers across the country and more CCSOs’.

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    Poaching by clubs has gone on for decades many runners at London clubs don’t come from London. It happens at many big clubs across the country, nothing new.

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    Fairy Smoke

    This sort of stuff starts to look a bit unrealistic in the 21st century and particularly in an area that includes London. Most of the SBH team don’t live that near Copthall and don’t come from Barnet; I don’t know the home addresses of the Kent guys but I would guess several of them have a club nearer to their front door than Kent AC HQ.
    Looking at the less illustrious members of the NEB team today, I suggest that the ‘coercement in terms of £££’ is more like ‘ppp’. And if the club helps its quickest runners to be less out of pocket in pursuing excellence – then what’s so bad about that

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    I should get a life-
    He is actually shown as London Development manager.

    There are no CCSO’s in London and havent been for a couple of years (we tried to contact one via London A but despite numerous requests never heard).

    There are a lot of Activators around though (not sure what they do though).

    Master J-
    Of course it goes on and it always will. What pees people off I think is the fact that Newham obviously attract them with their money and team of coaches etc.
    They are clearly more attractive than other clubs – what do they offer?
    Warm weather training?
    Kit drops?

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    Looking at the results (I hadnt seen them at the event today until sitting down now)
    I have to admit I was wrong in 2 respects.
    2 of the Newham team who ran are London boys I think?
    Mumin Gala (nee Geele) and Samamatar Farah.

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    The warm weather training is self funded. L. I am going with 1 athlete for a week with a Yokshire club group. All self funded. It is difficult to justify paying for a small group when they are such a minority within the club (assuming that is what you are asking).

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    I- should- get-a-life
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    That was my gist Mark. We lose athletes to clubs/teams that we have out performed in the younger age groups for over 20 years. When they get to a certain level (and some nowhere near that level) they approach the club and say ‘I want this, that and the other paid for or I am leaving’.

    I agree with PIAA that national leagues have run their course. We need an inter regional series for national level athlete. Clubs should stick to the level below, perhaps with a national league final match.

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    I- should- get-a-life

    A proposal on “New Competition Models” was delivered at the East Midland’s Consultation in 2014. It has received little feedback as far as I know.
    and look at Club Conference Slides – East Midlands

    I have some evidence that UKA have a Strategy Group looking at competition, commissioned by its board and has a number of interested parties, who are in part is made up of volunteers from across the country.

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    john bicourt

    You mean another “talking shop” or as UKA like to call it, a “consultation”!

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    I read the article in RW about John Bicourt setting up the 10 mile run at various venues across the country twice a year on the same dates. Would entrants have to be registered with EKA John to enter?

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    EA not EKA

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    D Steward

    Its the principle Why are under 18s allowed to compete in the County Champs without paying the £12 fee and yet older people are not? I for one at the age of 57 have given athletic ( after 50 years) as no longer able to enter Open Events without being a club member and paying this £12 TAX Well done England Athletics; lets make the sport elitist and only open to those we can control and charge.

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