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    Nitro Athletics- Will you be watching ?

    If Lord Sebastian Coe thinks this could revolutionise the sport I thought it must be worth 45 minutes of my time watching the ‘ highlights’ . But so far I can only give it 4 out of 10.
    A reasonable crowd of 7000 locals although most got in with free complimentary give-away tickets.
    Usain Bolt was still the star attraction for many locals, and without his presence I cannot see this taking off.

    Relays are always fun ,usually exciting , but not this time .

    TV coverage , camera angles and editing was at best, average.
    I now realise our GB TV pundits are not that bad after all. Perhaps I was just not use to the style of Australian commentators with added loud stadium chit-chat with such enlightening comments of :
    Pole Vault : “He’s wearing his lucky undies” …and….”This Chinese pole vaulted is a Serious Athlete “ …”And he goes UP…and DOWN !”
    Javelin: “She’s throwing in a HAT ! , Never done that before !“ Its flying, its flying ,its WIDE !” !“ Super Fun !”
    “15 bonus points !” If he said that once he said it 4 times.

    The Elimination MILE was bizarre….. fartleking (fill in your own joke) …..with dreary endings.

    Not sure why they think 60m races out doors is initiative and a crown pleaser ? Not great viewing in a 400m track stadium
    Looks like the Ozzie athletes really enjoyed themselves …I wonder what all the English team REALLY thought of it… What did Alison Lennon get out of it ?

    Reminded me of “It’s a Knock Out” but erring more towards ‘It’s a Cock up ’ !

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    Agreed SLL. Nothing in the Telegraph. But this reflects your views

    Trump or Le Pen? Potential problems on the horizon for Olympics

    I haven’t had such a jolly time for ages. Can’t wait for the next 2 events.

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    A Heads Up incase Eightlaners are interested . England Athletics are reminding us all that ” Following a hugely successful opening night last Saturday, Nitro Athletics returns this Thursday (9th February) for Round two ” and the Organisers say that “One of the most popular events was the men’s elimination mile and was such a hit that organisers have switched the “ordinary” mile on Thursday with another elimination race.”

    I will take another look at the TV highlights over the weekend. Fingers crossed it rates better than round One.

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    Mark W

    As long as it is poisonous it will get a run here. The BBC took the coverage aimed at a domestic market and the smart Alec journilist in the I decides to score cheap points. No, it was not the typical meeting, it was out there but at least it was an attempt to engage with the punters. I am yet to see any participants from any of the teams voice disappointment.

    This is funded by Australia not by the foreign teams, it was out there but it was intended to be, Dave Filbert’s on field commentary style may not be to the taste of all but at least he achieved as an athlete, can his deriders say the same?

    Bolt was a presence,Riley Day may never win an Olympic medal but at 16 see can go back to school and say she ran against Using Bolt! Time more less snide reaction built on being trying to be clever. Ask the Australians in your own club for their reaction.

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    Mark W

    Auto Correct strikes again: It is David Culbert

    Further to comments
    The track Commentators:
    Tamsyn (Lewis) Manou
    Bruce McAveney is particularly popular

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    MarkW…just out of interest , what was your take on the ‘Elimination Mile’ ? Did get you the edge of your seat ?

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    Mark W

    I must admit I was surprised that the others did not make a contest of it in both races. To me, and I have contested this style of event several times, you you just have to be ready to sit and kick each lap. On the other hand, I got the result I personally wanted. There was a sense of inevitability in both races. I suspect that the English duo may have learned a lesson from the experience.

    I do know of one coach of young runners who wants to incorporate into sessions.

    I was surprised Gen Lecaze was able to kick away in her leg in the 2×3 minute. Yes she was a dual finalist at Rio but it was the steeple and the 5000m.

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    Mark W

    Australian athlete Josh Ralph (http://www.all-athletics.com/node/589425) wrote the following on Facebook. So it is having the desired event in the home market and perhaps wider afield if flotrack is to be believed:
    “With Nitro coming to a close tomorrow night, I thought I would share a little something. I have been working at a Bakers Delight shop in Sydney for over 10 years and the only talk I hear of athletics is when people are asking me about my own career or when the Olympics have been on. Today is an exception to that. Today I have heard many people at the counter, at the cafe where I have my lunch break, and people walking past talking about Nitro Athletics. People that don’t have a clue about the sport, but this has sparked their interest. Whilst some may like to criticise and point out all the faults of Nitro, surely the fact that athletics is once again a talking point among people and on the forefront of sport talk around the world is a great thing! Almost all of the talk about it that I have heard has been positive. No matter how tomorrow night goes, it’s been awesome to hear people outside of athletics get excited about the sport again”

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    So much to watch on Saturday, but I promised myself to settle in front of the TV with a mug of tea (on reflection it should have been a large brandy) The 45mins BBC high/lowlights of Nitro match 2 was slightly better than match 1…… or was it ? …maybe I was being sucked in like when you first watch a reality TV show…..
    I rated it a slight improvement to 5 out of 10. IMO,The bog standard events still much better viewing than the Micky-Mouse events.
    The girls Elimination Mile was very amusing with the confused NZ athlete dropping out at lap one and re-entered the race at lap 3……..Such FUN ! Did she have 15 points deducted ?
    And what the heck does “they have played their POWERPLAY ” mean ? Is this the same as playing The Joker ? …Talking of which, Sebastian Coe gave it glowing praise . I wonder what that great Australian emigrate Mr S Ovett thinks ?

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    Mark E

    Trying new things to generate wider interest is to be applauded. In the UK people generally don’t ‘get’ individual sports. Outside of Football, Rugby and (the diminishing popularity of) cricket there is simply very little common interest in other sports.
    Sports have their public spotlight at different times. Motor sport is all about Fomula 1 and Moro GP, despite the fact that there are massive events outside of these like Le Mans, WSB etc. Tennis is relevant for 2 weeks during Wimbledon and Golf has the Open and the Ryder Cup. All these sports have a large body of fans and participants but the wider appeal outside of those groups is limited.

    This is all created by the media. That is TV and the press. If you drill down you see another level of conditioning and athletics is guilty of this. BBC covers athletics but the casual viewer could be forgiven for thinking it is just about 100m and middle distance. Getting back to Nitro Athletics, it is great to see new ideas, many will not work but it is worthwhile if it generates interest outside the committed Athletics fan base.

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    Did you enjoy the Long Jump and ‘The TURBO CHARGE’ ? If only the athletes also had a flaming rocket emanating from their backsides.

    I enjoyed the two Javelin throws shown ….not for the athletics but because of the reaction of Field Officials who literally jumped up and down with such gusto and then ‘high fived’ each other. Have they been drinking the Amber Nectar ?

    The female Ozzie ‘cheer leader’ with the infuriating high pitched voice who kept crossing the field to encourage her team mates every 200m’s was such a great role model…………. and lucky the Javelin had just finished.

    And the best of all , which surely must be introduced into the UKYDL was the Mixed Hurdles relays ?

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    Mark E

    I am a purist.
    None of this sits well with me, but I am not the target audience. I speak to a lot of people who are not involved in our sport. We are represented by self indulgent media coverage, serving the interests of a handful of ex-athletes massaging their own egos as colour commentators.
    A lot of our challenges are of our own making. By that I mean from the grass roots upwards, not the reverse. All sports are split in terms is governance into elite and grass roots. The elite funding is healthy but the grass roots is being strangled by lack of funding, incompetence and external factors that undermine facilities and involvement.

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    Mark W

    You mean Gen Lacaze?

    2016 Olympics:
    9 Genevieve LaCaze Australia 9:21.21 ( 2nd Aussie UK RECORD is 9:24.24 I believe…)

    12 Genevieve LaCaze Australia 15:10.35 (3rd Aussie home Best Briton 13th Elish McC)

    so she does have something to back it up…. I am surprised you did not do your homework…

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    MarkW ..think you have posted your last message against the wrong thread. Sounds interesting though.
    Now I am not a great fan of ‘social media’ but even old duffer like me recognises it’s a modern way of promoting ones’ events and subsequently gaging public opinion . How many ‘LIKES’ you get on FACEBOOK can be but one barometer of how popular an event has been….well it is for our local Amateur Dramatics Group.
    With EA’s 160,000 registered athletes, plus many other general followers of athletics, they must be a touch disappointed that so few people click ‘LIKE’ on their Facebook page for Nitro

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