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    Good afternoon eightlane! I was wondering if anybody could help me obtain the results from the LM from 1985, I’ve recently got in touch with an old relative that lives abroad in Canada and got talking about his Marathon in 85′. He also participated in a half marathon several times in the mid-late 80’s in the East End, could anyone reveal any of the old and popular races around that area?

    Cheers in advance,


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    luke s

    I’ve got the AWs from 85, I could do some scans ?

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    Yes please if possible, mainly looking for individual result though if its do-able, I can provide the name?

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    I too have been looking for results of the 1985 London Marathon, without success so far. I know that I finished in 3h 41m and remember crossing the line with Davy Jones of the Monkees! I also did the East London Half Marathon in 1984 and 1985, I have a full copy of the results for 1984 but not for 1985. I also did the Epsom Half Marathon and The Wokingham Half Marathon in those years.

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    Killian O’Driscoll

    Dear 1985 London Marathon
    I would be eternally greatfull if you could
    Help me. I ran the London Marathon in 1985 and
    finished approx. 3:07 min I don’t have
    a confirmation of this or a photo on finish line.
    would it be possible to get this at this stage?
    Thank you
    Killian O’Driscoll

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    luke s

    AW published results up to 2:38.

    Shall I scan?

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    luke s

    Tell a lie. The next issue posted 2:38 to 3:11. That’s it unless you’re over 50.

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    luke s

    Up to 3:11 for women, that is.

    Men is only up to 1000th position, which was 2:43. How times change eh!

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    RE: the 1984 London Marathon would you be able to send that to me? Or look up the name for me?


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    richard carey

    anyone with any luck in finding full 1985 results? Up until at least 3:30?

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    ian joyner

    Hello mate, I am pretty sure that I ran the 1985 LM but it might possibly have been ’86. I can find no photos, certificate or vest number to verify but I am 90% sure that it was 1985. I joined an athletics club about 6 months prior to the marathon so you may be able to trace me using that information also. If you can take the trouble to look through your AW’s or other sources it would be much appreciated: Name-JOYNER, Club-KENT AC, Time-2hr 42min 52 sec (i’m fairly sure about the time as I was trying to beat the AAA standard of 2hr 40min but hit ‘the wall’ in the last few miles) Thanks

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    Runners Knees

    I am trying to find the race bib number of Steve Morris. He ran the 1985 London Marathon in 4:18. The reason is that he unfortunately passed away and I am trying to find photos of him on the day. I don’t know his bib number though, which is key. I know a few people on here have talked about scans and books and results. If anyone could help with his bib it would be much appreciated.
    kind regards

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    Mary boylan

    hi there
    I am looking for results for a friend who did the London marathon in 1985, 1986, 1987 or 1988, his daughter wants to surprise him with the results for his birthday.

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    Hi Luke,

    Do you know where I’m able to get these results please for the 1985 London Marathon? I’m looking for my friend who ran low 2:40s.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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