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    Is RUN FAST an Affiliated Club ?

    I know nothing about a (new ?) club called FAST RUN. The first time I spotted this CLUB name was today on EA’s website when it announced the names of the athletes selected for the team for Caceres International. One senior women is listed as being a club member of Fast Run. Power of 10 lists 36 senior athletes of which 8 appear to be 2nd claim , and another 6 also name some allegiance to another country.
    Can anyone shed some light on this Club ?

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    typo error above : “One senior women is listed as being a club member of Run Fast” not Fast Run)

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    They run in championships in the Run Fast vest, so unless our championship organizers (who tend to be sticklers for the rules) are being lenient, then they must be an affiliated club. Certainly an interesting concept. You get this type of set up in triathlon etc, but I have not seen it in British athletics before.

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    They are on the EA list as an affiliated club from Nov 2016. Seems to be part agency, part support program (based at Brum Uni) and part club based out of a shop in London.

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    Thanks PIAA and Hank

    I always thought before a brand new Club can apply for Affiliation its application would need evaluation and approval initially by the Local Region Area ? Who would that have been in this case ? And any proposed new Club would have to demonstrate and provide clear evidence they do comply with England Athletics long list of vital criteria before approval is given ?

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    You are the master of the rhetorical questions SSL, but I do think this thread is worthy of more debate. We already have clubs that focus their efforts on the senior team, and seem to inherit talent from what ever club it emerges. Some are able to sustain senior success without doing too much by the way of youth development. These clubs are often criticised, but their seems little will within the sport to implement or develop rules to stop this.
    Now we have a commercial organisation who have formed a club in their company name (well within the rules) and are looking to seemingly take on the big clubs at their own game. Good luck to them I say. May even form a club of my own!

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    Why Thank You Hank…that’s the nicest thing anyone on Eightlane has ever said about me…….

    So do such Commercial Clubs pay the same and obtain the same EA benefits as the normal voluntary athletic club ? >eg all affiliation fees, insurance, courses discounts , road licences etc etc ?

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    Mark E

    Is it a Chafford 100 (sic)

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    I hope there is no distinction, otherwise there will be serious consequences for any club that needs to get incorporated status in order to employ coaches. That’s a scenario which appears to be becoming more common. The boundary between voluntary and paid is getting blurred over time and necessarily so.

    Question for Michael, do the commercial organisations that register with ARC have a different status, i.e. All these British Military Fitness groups you have registered?

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    Having just had 3 glasses of Chardonnay probably going to regret my next post.
    There’s absolutely no blurring between the traditional voluntary run clubs and the numerous paid ivor tower wizards whoes endless new initiatives are safeguarding t & f athletes

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    No different to “clubs” such UKNetrunner that have existed for a decade or more?

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    michael white

    I am not aware that any British Military Fitness groups are registered with ARC. Commercial race organisers are registered with ARC as Associates.All clubs registered with ARC should have a Constitution and be controlled by their members

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    I could have sworn I saw some on there, were they members before or am I mistaken? If I am then apologies.

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    I think this is interesting.

    I’ve posted before with some comments questioning what the role of a club is today and how this has changed over time.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly as competition providers.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly as coaching providers.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly as training venue providers.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly on being able to provide training partners or groups.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly on being the entry point into the sport for people, although I’d argue this is probably where there importance is still the greatest.

    Clubs do not have a virtual monopoly on channelling any available funds through to athletes, coaches or facilities.

    For all of these things, there are increasingly other individuals, groups or organisations that do these things better and which are becoming more prominent. The old club-centric view of athletics is dying. If clubs don’t evolve, they will die with it. I therefore see it as no surprise that alternative club models are emerging and I’m glad they are because their presence, at least in some form, is essential.

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    All true dizzy, but in this instance they are a “club”. They are affiliating themselves and first claim athletes to the ngb. I have written before that rules about advertising on vests hold club back. It is not as if clubs see any of the central funds that BA accumulate. First the rules need to evolve, and then we may see clubs changing…

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