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    As we reach half way in the 2017 World Track and Field Championships you may be interested in the latest ABAC Fact File published last week.

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    Mark W

    It is all well and good using absolute ranking lists but they are problematic in terms of standards, numbers per nation and eligibility etc


    Tells a slightly different story, the marathon in particular telling a significantly different story. It does not promote a plethora of UK athletes but is far more accurate…

    Lies, Damn lies and Statistics

    anyway great time to publish is it not?

    A member of ATFS (the World Body!)

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    Publishers are free to publish whatever they want, whenever they want.
    If anyone would challenge the timing of a publication, it would suggest they are either trying to avoid the content, or attack the publisher.

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    Mark W

    a bit hypocritical on your part is it not? You and the coterie of trolls, anyone says anything that clashes with your world view and you attack like rabid rottweilers! You never let facts get in the way of your narrative.

    The document is indeed factually incorrect when taking into account availability etc. Statistics require accuracy but as I said lies,damn lies and statistics. They are in the end of very limited value in the white hot heat of competition, that is what makes it a spectacle.

    You just remain a hateful irrelevancy in the real world of athletics!

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    These are the only instances I can think of where I have ever “attacked” anybody.
    George Bunner:
    Niels De Vos:

    Ed Warner:
    Chris Carter:

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    Thanks Bill…Always like reading these ABAC files. Always thought provoking.

    Have already watched so so so many hours of WORLD CHAMPS…..and have enjoyed the coverage on Euro Sport (although watch some on BBC too).

    Seems to me that part of ‘the making’ of excellent athletes is their diet……Looks like the Scots have nailed it with porridge ,haggis ,fried Mars bars and Ironbru.

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    Mark W

    The minimum target of six was hit. There were some who achieved, some who over achieved and some who did not live up to expectations. This is the story of any field of human endeavour. A group of athletes can say they were 4th best, not​ really a bad place to be, just not meeting the arbitrary line which defines success or otherwise of 3rd.

    What really gnaws at a person’s guts is the nativist, curmudgeonly (and that is generous on my part), haters, many who are parties on here.Who never achieved that exacting level of success, who blithely decide that it is their right to write a load of excrement elsewhere and then display a massive ignorance in saying it was not offensive to athlete or coach. Even ‘friends’ of his from across the world shake their heads at the crassness (I know because I spoke to one yesterday).

    The world of decades past is gone, the world evolves in so many different spheres, move on, fight the fight if One must but do it on an internal battlefield of an elected position, it is only from there you effect change. Is it a fear that a lack of support exists? You are only as good as what you achieve NOW.

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    Mark E

    This turned into a successful championship for GB & NI.

    You have to look below the surface and see how young the team was and how many exceeded expectations. If you want to look at failure just consider Jamaica.

    It is just my view, but we clearly have a lot of talent coming from the grass roots.

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    I agree MarkE……Mo delivered. Excellent, and so many 4ths from youngsters with future potential, and relays reflects the strength in depth compared to most of other countries.
    A well organised championship. Wonderful support and full stadium at all sessions. And a BIG Thank-You to the huge number of enthusiastic athletic volunteers in their eye-catching ‘pink/plum coloured kit. What other sport would be able recruit so many UNPIAD volunteers ?

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