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    England Athletics AGM……..Does anyone know the ‘rules’ ?
    England Athletic has a Club membership of just under 1700 clubs.
    Question :- Do EA paid employees count as a ‘members’ vote at the AGM ?
    Last years AGM minutes show the attendance was at a historic low.ie :-
    17…EA employees.
    9 Club Representatives. (out of 1700)
    2 Area Reps (SEAA and Midlands County).
    4. Proxy Club Votes.
    So, if the EA employees are excluded the total present/proxy votes only totals 15. (out of 1700).
    Now, the very important “Articles of Association clearly states:-
    Rule103.- No business shall be conducted at a general meeting unless a quorum of twenty Members is present in person or by proxy.
    So , should the AGM have gone ahead ? .
    Also , just read the Agenda for this years AGM on 15th October….and I think I will give a miss this year. MarkE…..As you are ‘local ‘ will you or your club rep be popping going ?

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    Thanks Zac…….Have tried to decipher it but still not 100% clear whether paid employees of England Athletics have a legitimate “members vote”…and can or cannot be counted as part of the 20 minimum quorum…What do you think ?

    Also, one of the ‘votes’ will be to approve last years 2016 AGM minutes. My question is : Can a club member vote on or second the motion to approve the minutes that he/she did not attend ?

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    Its been a while since I looked closely at these rules but glancing again:

    1) Definition of a club means any individual popping out for a brisk walk once a year can call themselves a club and be accepted by England Athletics Directors as such.

    2) Members are appointed at the discretion of the Directors.

    3) Directors can be split into two catgories. Appointed by the quango machine (DCMS, Sport England, UK Sport,UKA), and Elected.

    Appointed Directors:
    Chairman = 1
    England Council = 2
    UKA = 1
    Between 2 and 6 Additional Directors can be appointed by the existing directors

    Elected Directors
    Elected at the AGM by the Members = 2


    Because the make up is heavily weighted in favour of appointments, the Directors will only look upwards to the Quango machine for guidance. Read Tony Shiret’s fairwell blog to see how much power the elected Directors have:


    As regards individuals voting to approve minutes of meetings they did not attend, it happens all the time. They are voting to accept a written account of the proceedings onto the record. They are writing the history.

    I once protested at an SEAA General Committee meeting that I had been minuted as saying something that I had not said. It was the opposite to what I believed. Rather than remove it from the minutes as I requested, the meeting (goaded on by Chris Carter – bless him) voted to retain the untruth in the minutes, despite nobody having any recollection of the comment. Everyone at the meeting was highly amused. It was a learning experience, and explains why I am so comfortable dismissing majority opinion, if none of the majority are capable of discussing the issue.

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