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    So I go away for 3 weeks (did you miss me ?) and find that there’s basically nothing new on Eightlane , and so very little , by so few contributors , even on the Athletics Weekly forums . …..Perhaps the Indoor season ,and this time of year just does not generate much to discuss ?

    However, I Come back to see that The Regional Council ‘elections’ have been completed, oddly without the need for ANY elections…. … Who will become the new Chair of the National Council ?

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    Hi All…I started this thread 4 pages ago back in November last year. ……My opening post suggested that CCSO days were numbered. Well, looking on todays EA website looks like CCSO’s are now no more……..replaced by CSM’s (Club Support Managers)….albeit less of them and appears to be covering a wider geographical area. I have not yet got my mind completely around the new EA staff re-structuring as yet…..(and always sad for guys/girls who may have been made redundant)……If any readers out there have more to say to clarify; it would be appreciated.

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    SLL, I feel a Nigel Farage moment coming on.

    Could it be that the terrible twins have received their P.45’s too?

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    Mark W

    As I said before, if instead of being haters, then you and your ilk may find more conciliatory members willing to share knowledge, as it stands if you choose not to involve in an open minded way then then surely it is contingent upon you to do your own homework… Honey rather than vinegar I suggest…

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    Mark, I hate nobody. I just have an impish sense of humour. Waspish you might even say.

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    No you just like making out things that aren’t true if people stand up to you and your bully boys.

    It’s not impish it’s being a twat.

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    As with the abandonment of their CCSO’s why do I now get the feeling England Athletics are looking to do the same with Regional Councils ?
    Their EA 2017 survey question no 38 is structure differently from most of the other survey questions…ie for this question their use a sliding scale rather than options. Rather than looking for a ‘Don’t Know’ they will be getting zeros or 1 or 2 ?
    “Q38. On a scale of 0-10 how well do you think you could describe the England Athletics National and Regional Council structure and their role in supporting the sport

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