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    Parkrun has definitely benefitted from the EA assistance and why not, it works and it helps get people active.

    I do have to point out though that the idea that EA needed to subsidise Parkrun to inflate participation is utter bollocks. Firstly it inflates nothing, the figure is for participation in running. People in Parkrun are participating in running. Whether you would prefer to measure some other participation criteria is irrelevant. The APS number is based on that definition and clear about what is measured.

    Secondly it does not matter if the participant is doing an EA supported activity or not. If EA provided zero assistance to Parkrun it would not alter anything. For APS purposes somebody who only runs ABAC events would still be considered active.

    It is clear that the EA services to Parkrun are beneficial. It seems to me that the benefits are more than likely way in excess of the cost of providing them. As such there is surely a net benefit to the sport and society in general that should be applauded not attacked for petty politicking.

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    I think the point is that England Athletes do try and take credit of increases in mass participation at every opportunity. They just cant help themselves.I don’t blame them as it could influence the Funders. Theres plenty of examples on the EA website.


    England Athletics Strategic Plans for 2017 and Beyond.

    : England Athletics: WHAT’S OUR TRACK RECORD?
    • Over the past 10 years participation in athletics and running in all its
    forms has grown by 72% to 2.4 million.

    Wonderful,but would have thought a little mention or pat-on-the-back for the likes of ParkRun would not go amiss ?

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    Certainly some interesting claims in the new strategy.

    “1 million people were active in track and field last year* (*12 times in 12 months)”

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    I agree Hank.’its ‘interesting ‘……This new 44 page document from EA is awash with some grand objectives . We shall no doubt all have different views on it. Lots of positivity. I was particularly interested in reading pages 28 &29 ‘Financial Perspective’……which indicates they will have some challenging times ahead. The two coloured charts of 2007/9 verses 2015/16 certainly highlights ,at a glance, the changes in Income streams.

    Just for info: This EA documents is not the easiest to locate on their website. Its there somewhere. But I used Google to search by typing in ” england athletics strategic plan for 2017 and beyond” and clicked on the link to the PDF document.

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    Lord Longthrow

    If only the Clubs got such support and funding eh ?

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    Longthrow, if you can show me any project put forward by a club which provides for mass participation on a nationwide basis, i.e. provides what those giving the money gave it for, then you have a point. If not, you are ignoring the real world limitations placed on the job for the use of funding, yet again.

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    Fangio, Run England is the only NGB Nationwide initiative. Parkrun was established by volunteers. Only recently it has received a grant of £400,000 from Sport England for extra staff to expand Parkruns. EA has climbed on the bandwagon well after this [particular train left the station. Morning Parkruns have had a negative effect on many club fixtures where numbers are dropping.
    Sport England, English Heritage and the Arts Council together granted £1,240,000 to the Nova Group again to get on a participation bandwagon. It was of little concern to them that Nova Group is highly profitable. Big Bren is laughing all the way to the bank as track and field declines.

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    Sorry are you not understanding that the funding has gone to a nationwide initiative that helps meet the aims of the funders. It doesnt matter who came up with it, the suggestion was clubs sho u ld get the funding, but they dont offer anything that meets the aims of the funding body, so the money goes to those who offer something that does. As I said if you can show me what clubs offered that was declined funding despite meeting the needs of the funding body then there may be a point.if not, not so much.

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    Interesting times ahead now that the nominations for the election for Regional Councilors has closed.
    There are many existing Councillors who have valiantly served 8 years who apparently now have to stand down. Rules are Rules Think this may include both the joint Chairpersons of the London Region Council…..(one of which is also the Chair of the National council) I be will sorry to see both these guys go.

    Also think it was a shame that the London & National Council Chair ,Tony Shirit was not shortlisted in the final 4 to be considered for the new Chair of England Athletics……as he himself said ” I put self forward to ensure a person with an athletics background was in the process.”…Lets hope we actually get someone this time with Professor Nimmo I bet not too many Eightlaners have come across this name before ?

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    Mark W

    “Lets hope we actually get someone this time with Professor Nimmo I bet not too many Eightlaners have come across this name before ?”

    SLL says little for your knowledge of athletics does it not? A little homework (or a modicum of knowledge of athletics history) would show…

    “Professor Nimmo is a former international athlete in both 100m hurdles and long jump having competed in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal and 1974 Commonwealth Games. She is the former Scottish National long jump record holder with a mark of 6.43 set in 1973.”

    For the self perceived protectors of athletics on a historical basis (as some would suggest a rear-view mirror take on the sport) surely a candidate to fit the profile?

    Even as feeble minded as one would paint me here, I knew that….

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    Well Done You…..A most informative post. I was just saying that I doubt that ( and I have been know to be wrong occasionally) many in the athletic community would have been aware of Professor Nimmo past credentials. and that she if now the head of England Athletics. I shall give it a test and ask several in our club house tonight.

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    Is being a celebrity an important factor in whether you think they are suitable then SLL?

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    Mark E

    or alternatively SLL, dust off your passport and venture outside the M25. LOL

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    Mark W

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
    Abraham Lincoln

    As for the snide remark, one needs to be informed in all walks of life, be it my career, my political life or in sport, if I do not know the facts I dig about and find them…. Always a good practice

    So the pop quiz at the club verifies the ability of veracity of the Chair of England Athletics Board? How is the Head of England Athletics?

    A Board Chair is first amongst equals on the board, the National Council the voice of the volunteer/club arm, if doubter say this is not so, then it is contingent upon them to seek election and make it so…

    2 elected Board members by clubs
    2 National council members on the Board

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    Nice again MarkW…..you are starting to sound like my 1st Wife….I call her that just to keep her on her toes.

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