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    England Athletics – 9 Regional Councils.
    Wow. England Athletes and the rest of the athletic community are true blessed to have such a large number of vastly experienced volunteers that sit on the 9 Regional Councils. Looking on the EA website – YOUR AREA and drilling down to each Council page I noted all volunteers (with photos) have incredible depth and experience which they bring to the table.. Truly amazing. Smiling I contrast it to the fresh faced and mainly young EA staff shown on the same 9 EA website.
    Are CCSO still a necessity and value for money ? Or have they served their time now that they have ‘done the rounds’ to Clubs for the last 6 years ? And what about Run Activators ? Surely the huge success and availability of ParkRun now negates the need for these ?

    There you go , I have just reduced EA staff numbers by a good 20% ?

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    Same nonsense, different day. CCSOs’ are the people doing the day to day work. They are the ones facilitating help to the clubs. The Council members are not there to be doing the organisational stuff as they do have other responsibilities to their clubs, Counties or areas or all three, some even find time to hold down full-time jobs!

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    MarkW…..In my opinion CCSO’s did a reasonable job in their early years but have become less productive/effective in recent years….Your post appears to beg to differ. So I would be interested to hear from you what your CCSO did for your club this year ? I am happy to be swayed and change my view.

    In case any Eightlane posters or readers are looking for a job there’s one at England Athletics currently being advertised :…….

    Volunteer Manager,Birmingham or home based:
    £40-50,000 dependent on experience
    ,The project is for 3 years and aims to dramatically change the journey, experience and support of volunteers in Athletics. Closing date for applications is 30 November 2016.

    Link to full details : https://www.networxrecruitment.com/Jobs/Advert/510631?FromSearch=False

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    My own club have never sought the help of the various CCSOs’ that we have had in our region.I do know that I and from clubs that are happy with the help they have received, including the work done over recent years with the network. Our CCSO was an employee of the old AAAs’ (you know that organisation that supposedly got on without employees.

    I am also aware financial constraints have been problematic, there are few CCSOS’ on the ground now. It is them having to deal with all the local authority stuff. I value our CCSO.

    I am also cognisant of the efforts put into the LCDP program. I guess the key is clubs need to do something for themselves. You will never know what you’ve got until it is gone.

    Before the haters get going about how they (despite that most are not even paying the £13) and their clubs are being ripped off, my understanding is that this new position is externally funded, for the expressed exclusive purpose of the role, so no employee, no money. However I am sure the usual suspects will adopt their usual caprine behaviour…

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    Lets be specific about the AAA’s Employees.
    They had one serious full time worker whose name was Nigel Bailey.
    The other employees were the regional development coordinators who Sport England demanded that the AAA’s employed.
    The Treasurer Keith Atkins spoke against this expenditure describing it as suicidal. George Bunner pissed all the the AAA’s funds down the drain with these Sport England Employees, who despite taking a wage from the AAA’s worked against the Association.
    How about you name the supposed AAA’s Employee you are referring to so we can identify whether they were one of the trojan horses.

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    how moronic you just want to kick the daylights out of people, you have only one vision for the sport of athletics, a very distorted one! These are people who are CCSOs’ and were development co-ordinators previously. Do a bit of homework! A point that any GCSE Business Studies student could put you right on, it was a salary they were paid…

    You want to inhabit a world of what went before. Life has moved on. Okay in England, lets just imagine the world you demand for a moment, so all external funding gets cut,clubs need to secure their own funding (those relying on that annual road race finding that a commercial operation has moved in- they offer a better alternative- so less prospect of funds), no adherence to laws that currently exist, making it a rogue organisation (for example DBS etc), a slew of open meetings with clubs competing for the same pool of athletes (attracting athletes to over compete),no centralised negotiation with local authorities, so clubs needing to fight austerity driven councils to retain their facilities because tracks are a drain on the public purse, better to give it to another sport who can make it pay or else sell it off for housing (never of the affordable public type), no development or teams to compete abroad as the electronic media are not going to be much interested and no income stream there.

    How is this for a rocket? Why is that massive wodge of money, the private company buried inside the SEAA is sitting on,not used for the purpose of helping the constituent members of the SEAA, the Clubs? How many people are allowed to see its accounts or know the extent of it?

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    1) The National Health Service and Education System are a drain on the public purse. Every single penny spent by the public sector is a drain on the public purse. How can you justify the wages being paid for these people when you recognise that every one of them is a drain on the public purse.
    2) Slogans like “life has moved on” have no substance. It can only mean “I will protect this drain on the public purse come what may”. “Life has moved on” can have no other meaning.
    3) Thanks entirely to the fact that John Bicourt was sitting on General Committee of the SEAA in the year England Athletics was formed, the association was persuaded to protect its assets from the parasites who were starting their march of wastage. The true wealth of the SEAA is its ageing band of volunteers. Their labour offered over many years becomes more efficient as they learn from experience. They become more productive year on year, and it is freely offered. None of the England Athletics or UK Athletics become more productive, because they are not doing anything of value. They are trying to identify useful roles for themselves which come to nothing, so they try a new scheme here, or initiative their, trying to create something of value. They fail because they have no anchor in the sport. If they evaporated very few people in the sport would notice. Those who did notice would take on the job’s on a voluntary basis, and soon return to situation where they are doing in a few hours per week a job that would have taken a team of professionals.

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    ” The National Health Service and Education System are a drain on the public purse. Every single penny spent by the public sector is a drain on the public purse.”

      What a hateful remark!!!

    You really are a very offensive petty anti-social little man… This inane comment says it all!

    I guess you want people dead in the gutter and uneducated…

    Who was it who spends his time pestering his local MP and mounts vexatious claims over their conspiratorial fantasies. All at a cost to society.

    Some of us have spent decades as volunteers and will spend decades more, so do not pretend you have a mortgage on it, the difference is some of us are not haters

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    The Regional Development Co-ordinators were not directly employed by the AAA’s. They had 3 year contracts starting in Y2000. Contracts were renewed twice before AAA’s was wound up in 2006. The RDC’s were funded by grants from the 3 Territorial Associations until 2003 when the SEAA withdrew support. The shortfall for the AAA’s was subsequently made up by grants from Sport England. In 2003 SE gave grants totalling £278,534 for 17 RDC’s. In 2005 the SE grant to AAA’s was £593,675 to be used for Interim Partnership Funding and 20 RDC’s.

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    And of course those involved with ABAC now criticised AAA for not using this funding for something else. No wait a minute it was deemed ok for the AAA to spend the money only on what it was given for, but somehow not ok for subsequent NGBs.

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    It is highly disturbing yet interesting to see that not one person who align themselves with or support the ABAC stances has the moral fortitude to condemn the hateful remarks of the litigious Zacharides! This is not banter, it is foul abuse of what is deemed to be a credit to British society.

    Do all of you not utilise the National Health Service? Hope you never really get seriously ill! He speaks of volunteers, what an insult to those who give hundreds of hours as public or service user governors for no more than expenses…

    The education system has faults, yes, but even someone displaying such ignorance should be aware that it is a right, to be enjoyed by all, without direct cost to the individual.

    I will remember this cowardice, does not his remarks constitute hate speech, if he is so keen to waste public funds on frivolous actions (http://www.british-athletics.co.uk/foster/20101130_parliamentary_privilege.pdf), would he defend these heinous remarks in a more public forum?

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    Michael White

    Markw Stop being so ridiculous. Zac is not a member of ABAC . Zac’s opinions regarding the NHS and the Education system are his own. I do not wish to discuss the NHS or the Education system on a public forum. I have always found the NHS and the education system to be excellent.
    ARC will be 10 years old next year. It now has 304 members and has issued 531 race permits this year. It had a surplus of £7909 in 2015/2016 and now has £126,000 in the bank. It has never received a penny in funding from the lottery or the government.

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    Yep 10 years as a cheap road race license provider, but little else. Look at the clubs that are members, eg Emersons Green Runners for example with their Rodway Easy Runner race. Do ARC train their Coach in Running Fitness, Leaders in Runnig Fitness or Assistant Club coach, no. That’s done by a real NGB, the one that they are also members of. So why be in ARC, well purely for the cheap race licenses. Well done ARC, taking money out of the sport to stick in your bank account, to provide very nearly nothing but insurance to your member clubs and the sport. You are not and never will be capable of being an actual NGB.

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    Okay, have it your way,enjoy his support but then too frightened or whatever to condemn when it matters, it does not matter if he is affiliated with ABAC, ARC or whatever. I can only assume your conscience was only mildly pricked but you lack the genuine moral compass to confront a bully…

    Edmund Burke said:
    “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”.

    So you will not challenge…

    Whilst Malcolm Forbes is reputed to have said

    “You Can Easily Judge the Character of a Man by How He Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing for Him”

    This site is full of anti-NGB rhetoric, those who present a counter-view are, in the main, vilified by Zacharides, Plunket and others whilst you and your clique silently cheer from the sidelines or worse still remain mute. This is never about debate.

    You sir, have used the Trump tactic of ‘deflection’ when called out… This debate was never about ARC

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    Fangio, You wrote

    “Well done ARC, taking money out of the sport to stick in your bank account, to provide very nearly nothing but insurance to your member clubs and the sport. You are not and never will be capable of being an actual NGB.”
    You have a short memory.
    The original road levies were a source of income which went to the 3 Territorial Associations and then down to Counties. They were a main source of income for grass roots sport.
    It was UKA that appropriated this lucrative income stream for their own use and stuffed the Counties.
    ARC responded to that change and contrary to what you claim have helped our sport by offering cheap alternatives to our clubs and , more importantly, put a cap on UKA plans to escalate costs.

    Heaven knows what UKA would be charging now without the brake of ARC.
    You can make a reasonable guess from Athlete Affiliation fees. In 2007 they were £3 per athlete, today they are £14 per athlete including U13’s. That is what the NGB’s do when they are unchecked and free from competition.

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