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    EA: Why the reluctance to let us know what’s going behind closed doors ?
    Since Tony Shiret has departed from ( kicked off one) all the influential Athletics groups its appears to have become more cloak and dagger. At least Mr Shiret believed in transparency and accountability. During his various roles he ensured the minutes of every meeting were quickly published and put in the public domain. Not any longer. Examples:

    England Board Meetings: Last update 17th Nov ’17 (They have had 2 other meetings since)
    National Council Meetings: Last published minutes 3rd May ’17 (They have had 3 other meetings since)
    London Region Meetings : 9th Nov ’16 (Nothing published since he left )

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    I suspect nothing is going on. They will be gazing at their own navels in the realisation that nobody really cares what they are doing. They could disappear tomorrow, and the sport will carry on.
    Of course when they are gone, the next generation will not believe that they spent hundreds of millions of pounds on athletics.

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