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    In a fit of rage, when I realised that 12 year olds were being excluded from participating in County Championships, because of the automated tax code checker, for online entries, I decided to start a crowd funding webpage to raise money to pay for a lawyer to identify ways to establish whether this is a legally acceptable way to spend public money.


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    There is no tax, there is a registration system like pretty much every sport in the UK, and you must be registered to take part in the championships. I cannot understand why you think this would be illegal, and the idea that public money is spent on Athletics so therefore there should be no requirement for athletes to be registered with the ngb is so ridiculous that I cannot even begin to think why you might believe this is illegal. Please, no one waste any money supporting this unless Sac can come up with a rough legal position which actually has even the slightest merit. Public money is used for so many things, including grants to sports clubs, which benefit only the paid up members of those clubs. Perhaps he believes that membership fees are also a tax, and so club membership should be free if any public money has been used? Bonkers.

    If you want your athletes to compete in closed championships pay the required registration, if you don’t want to pay the registration then you don’t get to access the competition.

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    Mark W

    Costas Zacharides you really take the biscuit for first class foolishness. As has been said, to chose to be involved in almost any activity one needs to be a member of that organisation. In this case the pittance we are asked to pay offers access to some benefits. You have sprouted right wing piffle here in the past so surely user pays should rest easily in your psyche. Someone said you were driven to this silliness because you had a chip on your shoulder but I suggested that was false, you are more balanced than that, there was one on each shoulder.

    You speak of the public purse coincidentally the same public purse you have squandered by being a serial botherer of you local MP, frivolous FOI disputations etc, remember those? This has been reduced significantly,people lost jobs but that probably means little to one who inhabits the past.

    The parents of these children have a choice, they are not denied that. You join and compete or else they can pay the entry to you, you conduct a meeting with your supporters helping. After all you see no need to have qualified officials (your previous utterances).

    I can only suggest now you follow Cromwell’s exhortation to Parliament

    Addressing the Rump Parliament. April 1653.

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    Mark W

    Rather than “of you local MP” of your local MP

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    Fangio, You state “Public money is used for so many things, including grass roots sports clubs, which benefit only the paid up members of those clubs. ”
    Not true!. My club received a significant grant to upgrade Belgrave Hall. (under SE’s Inspired Facilities scheme) . But the main proviso was that it opened the facilities to the local community. This has been a huge success with weekly usage by local clubs exceeding 40 hours per week thereby generating significant income. Use by club members has also increased as the upgrade was designed for multiple occupation.

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    Bill, some have a proviso, many don’t. I am involved with several clubs which receive grants, with no such proviso. Note I said so many things, not all.
    Either way, there is absolutely no guidance as to what law is to be examined, it is ridiculous for Zac to solicit money to support such a lunatic theory, especially given his very weak grasp on laws and regulations previously.

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    I have always been against the individual registration fee scheme.I still am However according to England Athletics they obtained huger support from the grass roots for increasing it last year \: quote)” Following the consultation survey conducted in 2016 where over 75% of respondents were in favour of an increase in registration fees the England Athletics Board sanctioned a £1 increase to £14.00 for 2017/18″
    But EA , of their own making, are now in a financial mess .

    Its no surprise that their latest 2017 consulation survey is asking for the 75% to again approve yet another increase.
    Q41. England Athletics believes that registration fees will have to increase over the course of the next four years and understands this has to be matched with the quality of support and service that we provide.

    We would therefore like to know whether you would prefer:
    -Retain the registration fee of £14 and provide a new optional membership(s) that provides additional benefits for a fee of c.£6-£10 that can be added to the registration fee. For example, you may want to have access to additional discounts on running equipment or tickets
    – One off Increase of registration fee of between £4-6 in 2018
    – Staged increase: Annual increase of £1-2 per annum in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
    – Two increases of £2-3 – one in 2018 and another in 2020
    -A further £1 increase in 2018 and review again in 2019
    – Contribute to new Crowd Funding webpage, and keep your fingers crossed for 2018 and beyond.

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    Zac, bless him, seems to be on his own with this one. Not even the 11 others who signed his petition to abolish the DCMS have stepped forward this time round (although to be fair he did have 6 months with his petition to reach such heady heights)

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    I am comfortable standing alone. If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
    The Crowd Funding initiative was an exercise in gathering experience. Understanding what works and what doesn’t; making the changes that need to be made, and establishing the amount of time and effort that needs to be invested in order to succeed.
    It also made me feel better at the time about having had three athletes rejected from the county championships because “the computer said no”.
    Equally interesting is the celebration of some following the failure of this initiative. It gives an insight to the nature of the people who support the quangos who are looting the voluntary athletics clubs and county associations. I would rather feel my frustration a thousand times, than to share their celebration once.
    It is the Department for Culture Media and Sport which feeds these unworthy mouths. It is a department that is eventually destined to collapse under its own weight.
    The sooner the better.

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