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    Sounds like a great opportunity for the sport – well done to those involved

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    If you regard Whites only competitions, or Browns only competitions, or Blacks only competitions as a great opportunity for the sport, good luck to you and your vision of the world.
    I would prefer to look forward to the time when they all come together in a final of fair competition, contested in a spirit of sportsmanship, and where nobody is excluded because they happen to be white.

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    Mark W

    You really are a sad specimen…. There is no exclusion rather a recognising of minorities in sport. In many cases such as East and Southern Asians, Eastern and central Europeans, the same people many sports do little to aid or encourage.

    Get out of the UKIP/British Nationalist mode of thinking, not one person is suffering discrimination in this…

    If you talk of people of colour getting a better deal, I refer you to how the cities of Bristol and Liverpool developed and grew wealthy off the slave trade, I refer you to the Raj and General Dyer at Amritsar and I suggest you look at Churchill’s treatment as foreign and Commonwealth Secretary in the 1920s’.

    The Colonies (including Ireland) were pillaged for gain…

    Look to your own ethnic origin, as I do to mine!

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    This is not the MOBO awards dealing with a subjective thing like music, where people might be disadvantaged by a lack of opportunity due to their race.
    This is athletics. An objective sport where achievement is possible by anyone based on their natural ability and hard work. Nobody has the power to discriminate against them.
    Excluding people due to the colour of their skin as these BEDSA awards do is wrong for athletics.
    The values demonstrated by England Athletics, UK Sport and Sport England have no place in our sport.

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    Zac…you are right to flag this up. Ignore the dipstick called MarkW who never offers anything constructive with his crass and stupid posts. He is so proud of his Rome soldier photo , which he refuses to admit looks like a Nazi salute.
    Fortunately, my very long involvement with club athletics I am proud to say I have found that 100% of volunteer coaches and officials have all been metaphorically COLOUR-BLIND .

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    Mark W

    SLL, crass? I venture not, stupid, I trust not… In case you were unaware and in this I hope not, the classic roman salute was the raised hand to one side in fact it was the Olympic salute. I need not tell you that the Nazi salute was forward facing. I assume you paid attention in school in history lessons.

    all silliness aside, I can not see how it is objectionable to recognise achievement in sport.

    Athletics is one of the few sports where people of West and to a lesser extent, East African heritage have had any genuine acceptance. The former group coming either from Nigeria (where the British exploited for generations and created tension by removing traditional leadership- a thing monarchists accept readily here) of who came via the West Indies where their forebears were kidnapped and transported via the ‘middle passage’, an experience so horrendous that it needs not illuminating here.

    The mismanagement in India during the period of Clive and Warren Hastings and successors created a situation which saw barbarity on both sides but the civilised British tied rebellious Indians over the mouths of cannon barrels and fired them to somehow punish the subjugated peoples. Enough said of partition.

    what of the events of Easter 1916? Iraq in 1922? Cyprus? The slaughter of Greek Communists as the British by stood and did nothing? The mess that Palestine was left in after Sykes and Picot divided the whole of the Middle East up into two spheres of influence. If it were not for the Colonial forces, The Holy Lands, Jordan etc would not have been gained by the British. It was colonials who took Beersheeba, Jerusalem etc for ‘Bull’ Allenby and the peerage he and his forebears hold.

    White sportspeople are not somehow being discriminated against. These award cover all sports not just athletics. Are you saying that minorities, given the pressures brought to bear on them, must not have recognition?…

    It is a beat-up by Costas Zacharidies and I fear he will get those of a right wing/’Little Englander’ bent into a lather. Is it about the ‘me too’ mentality?

    In the end, I may be foolish and Stupid, as you say, (in the’Drump’ usage) yes, Foolish because some of us believe that the life many minorities have is not spectacular, their barriers to success whilst not insurmountable are tough to get over. Asians are under-represented in most sports, this is largely cultural, especially for females, there needs to be a ‘well-done’ and awards to support them as role-models. What of the coaches in other sports, working with ethnic minorities to turn around the gang cultures that prey on black and Muslim youth? Or getting young South Asian women on the sports field?

    As an educationalist, I know this to be true even in the deepest darkest recesses of the East Midlands or more precisely its southern fringes.

    I am stupid, yes, enough to believe that equality means acceptance of others being acknowledged when they have needed to push boundaries, some of which can be kicking at an open door, in other instances having to force the issue. Athletics largely fits the first category but I draw your attention to the success of one road running club in London whose make-up rests purely in the BAME population. Would this not be lost when compared to perhaps the success of a serpentine in securing larger numbers?

    So in the end, if it is crass to believe that the UK has a blighted past, if it so to believe that BAME (and other minorities) awards are justified, that sport needs to be a broader church with role models and those who achieve despite cultural barriers are deserving of spotlighting, then I will unashamedly hold my hands up, with a clear conscience, ‘guilty as charged m’lud’.

    I would delight in the title King James gave himself:- The wisest Fool in Christendom

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    Mark W

    In mentioning the BAME make-up of athletics I of course forgot the southern African component (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia etc), many here because of issues or the need for them to make up shortfalls but who contribute to the staff of schools, NHS etc. Certainly not because of Barclay’s Bank and it sanction busting friends or the Prime Minister who took England to the brink of Commonwealth Games exclusion.

    If they have made a contribution to the enrichment of sports in England then why not give recognition?

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    I share your experience that athletics is a colour-blind sport, and long may it remain so.
    Good luck to you and your club over the rest of the winter.

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