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    Athletics World Cup: Eight nations to compete at London Stadium
    My thanks to ‘Lords Knowwhy’ for bringing to my attention this new summer athletics event . I had missed it being reported by the BBC website as after just 1 day later it was shunted down the page by sadly yet another drug story.
    It does look interesting. As this team event is going to be ‘on my door step’, and provided the ticket prices are reasonable I do intend going. The wife got a little confused when it says “One male and one female athlete from each nation will compete in all field and track events up to 1500m”……(old jokes are the best).
    But was it a wise and brilliant NGB marketing plan by deliberately picking the same weekend as the 2 Wimbledon Finals and the FIFA World cup final ?……albeit these very high profile events are during the day ? Will Jo/Joe public ,who would have watched many day-time hours of Tennis and Football finals still have the appetite to tune in again for 2 nights of Athletics ?
    Saturday: 14:00 Wimbledon women’s final; 15:00 Fifa World Cup third place play-off; 19:00 Athletics World Cup
    Sunday: 14:00 Wimbledon men’s final; 16:00 Fifa World Cup final; 19:00 Athletics World Cup

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    Lord Knowswhy

    I don’t think that the “clash” with other events will harm it, I think that both evenings will sell out. I think that the appetite is there, I’ll certainly be going if I’m successful in the ballot.

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    ……competing for a $2million prize pot. (Well that sort of money will certainly bring the top athletes to London ?)

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    Daniel Eckersley
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    Mark E

    Any initiative should be supported but I agree with a lot of the critique in your blog.

    Athletics in the UK has a brilliant ability to shoot itself in the foot. The grass roots, in particular the clubs, is largely ignored. Club competitions in the shape of Leagues are undermined by politics from the NGB and event specific organisations like BMC…not forgetting individuals within clubs stopping athletes competing.

    Reading here it appears that distance running is now being treated like field events. So here is the hierarchy.

    Participation Running – heavily funded for political reasons
    Schools – ignoring athletics and diminishing involvement
    Clubs – ignored and underfunded
    Elite – washed down with cash but now focussed on Track events up to 1,500m

    I cannot see this scenario ending well.

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    I would create my own hierarchy as follows:

    Funding Athletics Administration to the dentriment of Funding Athletics Facilities
    Misrepresenting participation by failing to define standards before an athlete is counted as being athletic.
    Failure to recognise the sport of athletics harvests and nurtures the talent, it does not create it,
    Funding Athletics Administration for the pure benefit of Athletics Administrators
    Failure to recognise that one official for thirty years, is better than thirty officials for one year,
    Seeking to promote athletics as part of the entertainment industry, rather than a participation sport.
    Placing a high value on Sport Science and blurring the line between fair competition and cheating.

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    You certainly raise a few interesting points Daniel…..In particular I agree with your sentence The success of the World Cup will partly live and die by the names it attracts TV and the public will sadly miss the (few) big Stars of the likes of Dafne Schippers .
    What’s you view on the specific weekend selected re clashing with Tennis and Football finals ? In a bid to bring the sport to new audiences…..”

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    Well I got my email link today from British Athletics for my very special ‘priority ‘opportunity to apply for tickets , but only for the next 5 days……….did you Lord Knowswhy ?
    Soon after checking the ticket prices I had to check my rapidly rising blood pressure.
    Platinum: £200 (padded seating )
    Orange: £155 around the Finish Line.
    Blue: £125 Home straight
    Yellow: £100 good for Long and Triple Jump
    Pink: £38 good for Pole and High Jumps.
    I’m feeling so very ‘special and valued’ , and they will only be adding on 8% booking fee and £2.95 standard posting. I’m so pleased they wont be charging to use the toilets on the night ….oops I hope I haven’t given them any ideas.
    link https://www.eticketing.co.uk/athleticsworldcup/Common/CustomPage/Index/2

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    Sorry I missed the very reasonable seat for GREEN section : £70 good view for ALL throws and (I kid you not) ” Post Race Reaction !”

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    Yes I got my email today. How can they charge so much for each day, also considering there is a diamond league a week later – do really think they can attract big crowds for both events at those prices. I note for the diamond league on ticketmaster – only the lower tier seats are available.

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    I received another email toady because they know I ‘registered my interest’ to buy tickets …but haven’t yet bought any. The email asked me to complete (you guessed it) a short ‘survey’……(The just love a survey !)……
    My reply to question 1. Too Expensive. The following 4 questions asked me to pick from a selection of multiple answers along the lines of ‘would I buy tickets at a discount if I also committed to buy other tickets for athletic events later in the year’ ? Not one indication they cared for concessions for OAP’s or discounts for registered club officials and club coaches….or even registered club athletes …….nothing for the grass roots….yet again !

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