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    Leagues are contracting should read Leagues are changing.

    There are a lot of Officials but they are spread thinly. The governance around officiating is also much stricter. All voluntary positions across all sports are being pinched. You can’t talk about Athletics in isolation as most sports are suffering from the same social and economic factors.

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    Mark E

    ….and another point Bill.

    This weekend sees 2 major Open Meetings:

    Barry Strange Open Throws – Oxford
    3rd Midland Open – Alexander Stadium

    Both massive entries, the latter closing entries early and the former over 2 days to accommodate the number of entries.

    There will be loads of other Open Meetings over the next 5/6 weeks and many of them will be very busy.

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    Fangio, The Fact File which is the subject of this topic is an advance view of an article in this year’sBritish Athletics 2017. So the windmill at which you are tilting is very visible and wont go away.
    As far as Leagues are concerned the previously separate men’s and women’s Area Leagues are disappearing to be replaced by combined men’s and women’s League. There are plans being mooted to close down BAL and UKWAL to be replaced by a combined team League.

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    Answer the criticism by actually proving the points made are wrong or just admit the report is utter bollocks.

    Who wrote it, where else it will be published and all the bollocks that you are posting to deflect does not alter the fact that the report is utter bollocks.

    Why don’t you just admit it? Why are you not wanting to have the discussion based on proper evidence?

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    Yes Bill, it will be published in all it’s incompetent or deliberately misleading glory. So what, that just shows the writers and reviewers haven’t got a clue or are deliberately misleading.

    Now are you prepared to admit it is utter garbage or not. I have shown it is garbage, what do you think?

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