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    Great performance with a win, especially considering the 14:08/13:34 splits. How fast can he go with a tow and will he still have a kick?

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    Well done mate. Great performance by a true Brit

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    Yes, great run and a world lead! We now have two world class true Brits.

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    Whistle blower

    Presumably you mean true Brit as opposed to Mo Farah in a thinly veiled comment

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    Casual Racism.

    Well done Andy great run and PB.

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    wow and a thread actually about athletics. great run apparently this was off limited build up due to injury. seems like he could go close to john browns previous uk record with a better build up/ more even pacing.

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    Andy Vernon is a just a racist and a loser. those who cheer him are just catching at straws for feeling inadequate. Weaklings with small d%&ks, genetics much..Hahaaaa!

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    I think we can safely say that Andy Vernon was let down by British Athletics administration. I have absolutely no idea what UKA do and what impact they have, because it has certainly not affected the grass roots that I am involved in. Giving opportunity is what human beings must do for one another to facilitate the possibility of progress. This was not achieved at the recent championships. People need to have a voice and rightly so. Administrators are administrators and many of them have no idea of what actually happens at the athlete level. Opportunity needs to be created. That requires imagination and at times a wager on risk. Those who are bound by rules are not capable. Period.

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    Great result for Andy, well done, I really feel that there is much more to come, surely now is the time to give him the same……special support….. Mo got from salazar. ?

    Autocratic administrators let everyone down, even themselves.!

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