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    You seem to have placed a definition on the highest medal count statement to be highest medal count achieved by England compared with other years. That does not seem to be in the claim.

    By the wording I would understand it to mean that athletics had the highest number of medals for Team England of any sport at those games.

    Once again you attack something as being untrue when you’ve selected your own definition for the stat, erroneously as ever. There is zero point examining numbers that do not relate to the actual claim made.

    If it meant compared with other years it would surely have said EVER.

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    PIAA< You say: “By the wording I would understand it to mean that athletics had the highest number of medals for Team England of any sport at those games”. Using your own logic if they had meant this they would have said it.
    I am afraid that our NGB’s are really very good at spinning information. The England Athletics document is a masterpiece of obfuscation which ABAC will forensically examine.

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    Your numbers are irrelevant as clearly the definition you are using is wrong. So now this has been suitably demonstrated will you withdraw your file? Of course it because you are not actually interested in truth just makes among and whinging like a little baby.

    All you’ve done is prove without a doubt that your chosen definition is not the definition that the statement relates to, not that the statement is untrue.

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    PIAA…. sorry have to disagree with you. The numbers are not irrelevant. EA are wrong. Looks to that Swimming got one more medal than Athletics in 2014 Games.

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    So is that definition correct. The only thing you can say is the definition seems vague. That criticism is completely justified.

    Bills numbers are sure as hell irrelevant as they are very obviously not the thing that is being claimed.

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    Well , acknowledging my mild dyslexia, I have re-read it and asked my wife , who has little interest, for her opinion what EA’s bold statement meant. Wife agrees with Bill , and I for one is not brave enough to argue.

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    That’s you putting your own meaning on it, it is not what it actually says.

    Sadly this is all to common, hence Brexit.

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    “Highest medal count for England” could mean-

    1) England’s highest ever medal total in athletics.
    2) Athletics was the sport that got the highest medal count for England at that Games.
    3) England was the team that got the highest medal count in Athletics.

    At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the third option was actually correct. That wasn’t the case at the 2015 Youth Games however.

    Basically it is one of those bold but indistinct and ultimately rather meaningless statements beloved of marketing people and tabloid journalists.

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    Mark W

    In what way is the 27 medal tally inaccurate? I know from reading posts here that ABAC and its apologists have a disregard for athletes with disabilities, as it does not fit their agenda or the narrow focus of the pressure group, but the state was 27 medals were won, athletes affiliated to the sport (via England Athletics) won 27 medals. Pure and simple, no other claim was made on raw numbers, Rob Whittingham has chosen to distort the number for whatever purpose. Medal totals are never official. To say that other games did not have these events included would not invalidate as earlier games did not have the same medal opportunities, Rob Whittingham attempted to sort this by use of percentages.

    I decline to argue whether the total being larger than at other games. Lies, damn lies and statistics springs to mind.

    Turning to the data Mr Whittingham has provided, he like any athletics statistician worth his salt (I was elected a member of ATFS myself) can tell you that totals prior to the late 1960s’ is distorted by the fact that it was a festival for Rich White Nations for a number of editions, the death of imperialism help change this (remember the death of ‘Empire’in the title?).

    Additionally a number games allowed you to field in excess of three competitors, this increased the chance to ameliorate the ‘failure’ of one or more to perform to their full capacity.

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    Lord Longthrow

    I trust ABAC so much more than I do UKA/EA and all its trolls that have a need to police this and all other athletics forums to their eternal shame.

    Ross Woodentops has brought nothing to the table to benefit athletics only an undying allegiance to protect UKA/EA at any cost, and that cost is usual the “Truth”

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    What a valuable insight into the subject Frank, oh no I’m mistaken it’s just more personal abuse.

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    I thought personal abuse was Longthrow’s love life.

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    john peter bicourt

    Don’t you just love the woodentop brothers, Ross and Daren Woodward, EA/UKA’s planted stooges, aka fangio and piaa..both engaged to defend the clearly indefensible, i.e., the disintegration of the sport, lowering standards, lowering competitive participation, diminishing numbers of coaches and officials and loss of public interest outside of the global events.

    But, hey, ho, when you’re an unelected led organisation almost entirely depended on public and lottery funding you’ll lie through your teeth and twist every negative into a positive one way or another to maintain that glorious income stream and nice fat salaries …..So of course, the woodentops are part of the strategy. Oh, they’ll deny it ’till the cows come home but we all know, don’t we?……….

    And how about their bleating over “abuse” ….guess they have very short memories. From the very first day they appeared they were venomous and personally abusive against anyone connected with ABAC (their masters at the NGBs biggest fear) and wow wasn’t it blatantly hypocritical when they got as good, in fact better, than they gave, whenever they’ve been proved conclusively wrong and devious (which is how they always operate) they clam up. Ask them to prove something and they ignore it.

    Well, here’s your challenge woodentops; provide conclusive proof that that duplicity of UKA/EA has created a better sport in overall standards, and numbers competing, across all parts of T&F; that we have more properly qualified coaches and officials than before they came into existence. ……..oh, and don’t go on about your old tired chestnut defence of UKA/EA that the world has changed, when we know full well so has the governance and the finances of the NGB’s has been provided ¬£millions and a vast army of staff to precisely DEAL with the changes you claim are the real reason they are failing.

    Off you go, boys. Come back with the good news and enlighten us all as to how great it all really is……….So that we can all laugh at your pathetic attempts.

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