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    Chris Perry

    Good afternoon everyone,

    as some of you may already know, the past 18 months have been extremely difficult for me. I have been a little down in the dumps; as I hit a quarter of a century earlier on in the year (25) and realized I hadn’t ran a Pb over the barriers in 3 years things started to get tough.

    despite this significant down turn, the past few months have been extremely positive in regards to my athletics. I went to Portugal for 3 weeks in April to train with some of the best athletes our country has to offer and since then things have been amazing. I ran 9.05.86 last weekend at Watford GP, not quite a Pb but extremely close.

    I am now wondering whether it is to late if I wanted to make the 2016 Olympic Qualifying time. My peers and parents both tell me I have potential on a daily basis, my dad even said that I oose talent and my mum Jackie is the rock in my running career, without her positiveness I would never have made it this far. She even runs a hot bath for me after training and always has my dinner ready for 7.30pm every night (30 minutes after training).

    I am looking for some specific 3000m steeple chase training sessions to get my under 9 minutes, this would take me one step closer to my olympic dream.

    If you could post any sessions or tips you can give on this thread below I would be forever grateful.

    Thanks you,

    Chris P.

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    Hello Chris and well done on the Watford result, to get to the Olympics next year I believe you need to drop down to 8:28. Can you do it? Of course you can. Will it be hard? Hell yes. But if you are willing to put the work in, do everything better than you’ve ever done, it can be done. Looking at your results you had your best year in 2012, I notice in that year you did a lot of cross country In the winter before. I’d suggest you do that again this year as it’ll give you a great base coming into the track season. Track training you need to be doing things a little bit faster than you have before so to start with you may need more rest between reps. When you train with the steeple chase hurdles I’d also add a couple of extra hurdles per lap just to get you a little better and used to doing more hurdles than needed. I’d be gradually increase the number of reps you are doing, I’d look at what land work and weight work you are doing and make sure you’re eating as clean as possible.

    Good luck a hope everything goes well for you on the road to Rio.


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    john bicourt

    Chris, I just came home and seen this…….what caught my eye is you having the same name as an earlier Chris Perry who ran 8.46 back in 1970 at age 30. I often raced him as well.

    I’m happy to offer you some advice but I have to say the jump from 9.04 down to sub 8.28 is a lot harder than you might realise.

    However, given you’re only 25 and you are actually fairly fast (relatively) at 800 and 1500: 1.56/ 3.51 (with a faster 800 than I ever managed!) and the fact that you’re clearly ambitious and motivated, it may well be possible providing you do the appropriate training.

    I’ve seen your pb’s so I know you have the potential although you do clearly lack endurance ability at present judging by your longer distance, If you put on here your typical week’s winter training (including any hill work, and gym that you may do) and a typical week’s current training, then I will offer you the best advice I can.

    I see you have run a 58+ for 400h but I would like to know how you rate your hurdling and water jump compared with a typical 400h. In other words do you think you clear the hurdles easily and effectively or do you “jump” them and feel your technique is somewhat lacking?

    Ideally (as I’m impressed by your ambition) and once I’ve seen your training, the best would be to arrange to come down to Norman park, Bromley (Blackheath’s club track) on a Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday morning to meet with me and I can put you through an appropriate steeple/hurdling session where I can properly assess your potential to run much faster.

    And, if we arrange a day in the near future I will put out a general invitation on AW and here for anyone else to come (male and female) of reasonable standard (sub 9.10 sub 10.20 female)

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    Can I just say that as an average club chaser I have always admired your passion for chase and your desire to help people into it and to improve at it. If id been a little more serious about track and a little more capable I would have loved to feta vice from you.


    You won’t get many offers better than this, take it and hope it takes you where you want to go.

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    Fairy Smoke

    Call me sceptical but I would bet the same that that Paddy Ashdown bet in the recent General Election that the OP is not who he says he is. Maybe he’s a very very close relative of the recent 15.25 5k chap

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    Could be right there FS.

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    Mike Hutchinson

    My name is Mike Hutchinson, I am one of the middle/long distance coaches at Trafford, South Manchester. I was a Steeplechaser and I coach steeplechasers now and in the past. I am not too far from you at Vale Royal if that is easier for traveling. I am already coaching Gavin Tomlinson who lives in that area and I am quite happy to have a discussion on training with you. My initial advice would be for you to listen to as much information as you can but then at the start of the winter get a coach and stick to the plan you and a coach decide.

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    john bicourt

    Mike, this “Chris Perry” hasn’t bothered to reply so I doubt there’s any point or as FS suggested it’s just a ruse, by someone else perhaps to see what I might say? Pity really, because looking at the flat times of our current top 10 ‘crop’ of poor steeplechasers male and female, there is definitely huge room for improvement and for 2-3 to run much faster over the sticks with the right training.

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    Lee Ness

    I’m interested to know the purpose of the baiting is. I was called out fairly randomly by Bahrain for no apparent reason or purpose and he’s now gone to ground. If this is aiming to call out John for this it seems ridiculous. While we may disagree on points and governance etc, as shown on here by BIAC who’s had some spectacular run-ins with JB, this isn’t anything to do with actual coaching or performance where there is a healthy respect.
    Not sure who these people are but perhaps they shoul troll elsewhere.

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    It confuses me that people troll and waste people time. Also confuses me why people bash someone legit looking for help and using a forum for help. This could well be Chris or might be a troll, should give it the benefit of dealt. Lot of people out there willing to help, though I was looking for help a month ago and I got non helpful response on my thread. It seems if your name doesn’t fit and you reach out you get trolled on. Or your name gets used to be trolled with.

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    Fairy Smoke

    The OP clearly has some future – albeit a niche and financially downtrodden one – in athletics satire. I’m amazed that anyone who has read the post, checked PO10, and used a few grey cells, can fall for this.

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    john bicourt

    fairy smoke: Why wouldn’t it have been taken seriously?


    But looks like somebody chose to impersonate him?

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