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    I know I am getting old ,and have a touch of dyslexia, but I really cannot get my mind around England Athletics latest ‘project’. I have read it 3 times and I must be missing the point of their (EA’s ?) funding of £100,000. Are EA awash with money ?

    quote, “Sheffield is to benefit from one of the largest installations of running routes in England thanks to a new city-wide partnership which has secured over £100,000 funding from England Athletics.”</strong>.“This is the largest of the run routes projects England Athletics has undertaken in England.”

    I could be miss-reading this but it looks to me that one quango, EA ,has received funding from central government …only to be passing it to another quango ,Sheffield City Council’s economic development agency, Creative Sheffield and Parks and Countryside Services,….and is it really, really necessary ?

    Sheffield already have an array of established running routs…….and 5 well attended ParkRun groups ……..great Sheffield they have obtained £100,000 via England Athletics …but is this the best use of public funds earmarked for ‘athletics’ ?

    link to see full EA article : http://www.englandathletics.org/england-athletics-news/the-outdoor-city-secures-over-100000-for-major-run-route-project

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    SLL, To quote an old adage ” It all makes jobs for the working boys to do”. No wonder the productivity in the UK is so low.

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    I do actually think this is a good thing and, at least on the face of it from the limited blurb I’ve read (disclaimer: allowing myself room to backtrack later…), think it probably is justifiable public investment.

    But I’m not so sure about England Athletics’ role in it – it’s not what I want to see EA being concerned with and I think it has limited relevance to the ‘sport’ of athletics.

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    UK Athletics, and England Athletics are the same organisations as UK Sport and Sport England.
    If you accept this statement as being true, then everything makes perfect sense.
    UK Sport and Sport England exist only to spend money. The more money they spend, the more money they get.
    UK Athletics and England Athletics exist as receptacle into which UK Sport and Sport England urinate money. Once the money has been lodged with UKA/England Athletics, former UK Sport and Sport England employees emerge as consultants or “experts” to take the money for services rendered.
    I am sure if this funding is investigated, you will find it has been planted into the exact pockets that it was intended for. The project itself will soon be forgotten, along with the investment.

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    Either we accept that running is part of the EA brief or we don’t. If it is then participation in running is part of their brief and the increase in those doing it as a activity is in their brief. The government, justifiably given the obesity epidemic, wants to increase activity levels and wants to spend money on schemes to achieve this. As such the funders have money for purposes that support this. As such this money is being spent, through an organization who strive to increase those regularly running, on an activity that should increase those regularly running. Where is the problem? It isn’t taking money away from competitive athletics it is in addition to the sport.

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    Typical silly responses from the same fringe!

    you complained when millions of pounds were ring-fenced for run participation, not available for ‘real’ athletics, as you consider it. Now when some of that money is spent on projects it was intended for, we get the bleating going on….

    ARC members are held up as the model of greatness by the Sheffield foghorn and these same people will equally benefit by these projects! Or is he as a failed Council candidate, going to scream blue murder?

    I suspect it is time for Zac to renew the tinfoil in his hat… Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

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    I have never complained about ring fenced money. I object to public investment with strings attached, where the strings undermine the sport of athletics, or the values which underpin it.

    I do not deal in conspiracies.


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    Lord Longthrow

    Nosyjack has obviously forgotten to take his tablets…………calm down dear the van will soon be here for you!

    When are athletics clubs going to get some useful levels of funding, (a independent technical coach development fund would be a nice start) UKA have wasted untold tens of millions and still do, and the sport continues to plummets into tatters.It is time to let those who know whats required and who know how to make it happen take charge once more..(athletics used to be great until the government invented UKA/EA to steal the sport away from its rightful owners.

    I have no problem with Sheffield getting money, they need it given how much they have wasted building Don Valley, Re mortgaging it, then Knocking it down. White elephants are expensive to feed, and Sheffield has had more than its fair share of them.

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