10 Dec FIFA condemn ‘corrupt state’ of athletics

The world governing body for football has slammed the state of athletics in light of a spate of doping allegations. FIFA President Sepp Blatter said that he was ‘horrified’ at the levels of corruption alleged in a German television documentary.

‘It is a disgrace to all sport’ said a grim-faced Blatter from a function hosted by the Crown Prince of Qatar. ‘Everyone has a responsibility to uphold the highest values in all their dealings. Clearly athletics have not done this’.

Blatter called for a ‘thorough inquisition’ into what has happened ‘in Russia and all countries where athletics is played’. He went onto suggest that Michael Garcia – who recently cleared FIFA of ever doing anything wrong – as an appropriate leader for such an investigation. ‘With Mr Garcia, you know you will get to the truth. He asks the tough questions. Questions like ‘are you corrupt?’ I am sure he will get to the bottom of it’.

When asked whether he had ever considered running for the IAAF Presidency himself, Blatter remained coy. ‘I don’t think I could work there, no’ said the 78 year-old ‘maybe if they became more of an honest organisation I would consider [it]. I have great ideas. Like that we should do more events with ladies jumping’.

Blatter then left the interview to ‘attend to urgent business’ in a side room, away from public view.