06 Oct Farah ‘confused’ when making 2 hour claim says Salazar

Alberto Salazar has been forced to defend Mo Farah after his charge claimed that he would be able to run under 2 hours for the Marathon. Farah made the suggestion after finishing 2nd behind Kenenisa Bekele at last month’s Great North Run.

Salazar clarified the remarks saying that Farah ‘became confused’ by distances on the road. ‘We have to run tempo runs on the track to keep things simple’ conceded the Oregon head coach ‘we tried an out and back on the roads but Mo and Galen never turned round. It was hours before we found them’.

Farah has never competed over the Marathon distance but has a PB of 60:10 over a half. Salazar said at the press conference that his athlete had ‘simply doubled’ this time to give rise to the claim that sub-2 hours would be possible. ‘Naturally it isn’t as simple as that’ he said ‘Mo and I are working to address his apparent difficulty with double digit distances’.

Farah’s comments come just days after his training partner – Galen Rupp – collapsed in the middle of a training run. It is understood that Rupp’s headphones had fallen out and so he was unable to hear his coach reminding him to breathe.