11 Apr Centre Stage // Michael Callegari

How would you access your cross-country performances this year?
I am delighted of how well my cross country season went as i surpassed all my goals. I am just hoping i can replicate it on the track where it matters.
How did you deal with your first Great Britain experience?
I was very honoured to wear the GB vest and wanted to run well for my club, friends,family and my country. There was no pressure to do well as the goal was to qualify for the world cross, so I enjoyed myself and ran my own race.
What did you learn from the World cross country?
I learned that theres such a big jump from domestic races to international races. The pace was ruthless at the start and it only got faster. I learned that i seriously need to up my game if I want to make it to the next level, its evident that I dont train halve as hard as some of the boys that was in my race by the fact quite a few was way ahead of me. Ive learned so much and cant tell you how grateful i am for the opportunity to run at the world cross.
Could you give us a typical training week?
Monday : 12 x 45 second hills jog down recovery, I do 25minutes slow easy run in the afternoon before a circuit session in the gym.
Tuesday : Always on the track; 4 laps of the track, drills, endurance based session: E.g 1k x 5 (2mins recovery) or 400 x 12 (1 min 15 recovery), It varies as my coach operates on six week blocks looking at speed, speed endurance etc
Wednesday: 45-50minutes on the road
Thursday: Always on the track; 4 laps of the track, drills, speed based session : E.g 300s,200s,150s or maybe 400s/500ms but focus on the quality of the rep and not the quantity.
Friday: REST
Saturday: When i dont race I like to do a hard 25min tempo or a grass session which would be 20-30mins volume for example 6mins,5mins,4mins x 2 5mins recovery or 1min hard 1 min rest x 12.
Sunday: Long run 60-70 min run on the road, in the afternoon I do some stretches.
My coach Nadeem Shaikh gives us a six week block of training which would either be; speed, speed endurance,endurance, speed strengh.
What is your favourite cross country course, favourite racing track, and favourite training location?
I dont have a favourite cross country course but I like anything that involves hills or a wood section as apposed to running on flat boring long fields. My favourite track is Watford, Something about the track and the fact that its not windy. On wednesdays i run around Aldenham lake which is nice because of the scenery and seeing all the ducks close up.
What is your favourite training session?
Anything that makes me feel that ive worked to my limit, generally the longer stuff.
Who inspire you most?
Probably my best mate Matt Mclaughlin, Hes doing so well for himself at the moment and that gives me inspiration to try and emulate what hes achieved recently.
Do you have any pre race rituals?
I am not great at doing my shoe laces so I normally get someone else to do them nice and tight, So if you see my mum doing my laces at a race iam not taking advantage of her.
What do you do in your spare time?
My social lifes gone down the drain since taking athletics seriously, but I like playing the trumpet, watching chelsea play and having good banter with my mates when i can.
What are your targets for the track season?
Qualifying and coming top 5 at the Euro Juniors 5k is the target but I will let the training do the talking and see how it goes.To stay injury free and knock down my 5,15 and 3k pbs will be great.
Are you planning on going university next year and if so which university are you planning to go to?
Yes I want to go St marys. Ive been there a few times and know a few people already. They have great runners and top facilities which appeals to me alot. I also live in north London so its not too far if i want to come back home and race for my club.
If you could give a ‘Michael Callegari’ tip what would it be?
My tip which is going to sound very cheesy but here we go; would be to believe in your own ability and not listen to anyone who doubts you or puts you down. Work hard and prove them wrong.