20 Apr Red light| Kirsty Addy

Recently my car Pat went in to the garage, and is currently still there. Unfortunately Pat’s future is not looking bright right now. And worse still, it’s not looking orange. (She’s silver).  Admittedly whilst my car is getting on a bit as it is, I...

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13 Mar Dat Key | Kirsty Addy

Somewhere to live? Check. Job? Check. Running? CHECK. Relationship? … Why am I talking about me? Sooo, what’s your favourite vegetable then? Hahaa so I am ticking 3 of the 4 boxes at the mo, life is GOOD.  It hasn’t all come easily and there...

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02 Sep Freshly cut grass

The grass looked like it had been freshly cut, if I had gone and measured each blade it would not surprise me if they were all identical in length. I was seeking out the mud, where are the puddles? Where are the crummy portaloos? This...

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18 Jun When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a hairdresser. At 8 years old this was the ultimate aim. This filled my Mum with confidence as I displayed my Barbie dolls proudly in front of her… one of which was sporting a nicely gelled Mohican...

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