13 Mar Dat Key | Kirsty Addy

Somewhere to live? Check. Job? Check. Running? CHECK. Relationship? … Why am I talking about me? Sooo, what’s your favourite vegetable then? Hahaa so I am ticking 3 of the 4 boxes at the mo, life is GOOD.  It hasn’t all come easily and there...

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28 Oct Abingdon Marathon

I'm sure most runners have asked themselves this question at some stage; "why am I doing this?". It was certainly something I asked myself throughout most of Chester marathon when I was pathetically ambling along the last 10 miles at a pace slower than many...

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08 Oct Chester Marathon

I was hoping that the main marathon I'd be writing about would be Berlin, but that wasn't to be; around the period I raced Lake Vyrnwy half marathon I went down with a heavy cold, just at the end of my biggest planned training week. The...

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02 Sep Freshly cut grass

The grass looked like it had been freshly cut, if I had gone and measured each blade it would not surprise me if they were all identical in length. I was seeking out the mud, where are the puddles? Where are the crummy portaloos? This...

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Saddleworth 6

20 Aug Saddleworth 6 & Sale Sizzler

It's been a quiet spell by my standards as far as racing goes; three weeks nearly!!! Last Wednesday was my first race on the road for a while, the Saddleworth 6. It's a classic little race over the old-fashioned 6 mile distance as opposed to...

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29 Jul Back To Marathon Training

After the British 10,000m Champs, my focus has now switched to the Berlin Marathon at the end of September and also Abingdon in mid October. A lot has been said of the British 10,000m, so I'll try to keep my views brief. Regarding my own...

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