04 Oct Campbell-Brown ruling could ‘open floodgates to injustice’ says High Court Judge

A British judge has slammed the decision not to punish Veronica Campbell-Brown for a doping infraction. Mr Justice Peters said that the ‘spurious defence’ run by Campbell-Brown’s legal team was ‘an embarrassment to justice’.

‘She didn’t know?’ thundered his Lordship ‘what kind of a defence is that. ‘Oh sorry, my Lord, I didn’t know that I hadn’t paid for the car that I stole’ or ‘Really, my Lord? I’m not allowed walk into a bank and hold it up with a toy gun? Oh sorry, I didn’t know.’ It could open the floodgates to injustice’.

The Judge said that he was already considering overturning a speeding fine as the defendant had claimed he ‘didn’t know’ that he was doing 138mph through the M6 road works. ‘Well, if we are going to consider stupidity a valid legal argument, the whole world has gone mad. Mad I say!’

Lawmakers throughout the world have said they are ‘surprised’ by the verdict. It is understood that Justin Gatlin’s team have already been in touch with Campbell-Brown’s attorney in a bid to clear him of the two occasions he managed to test positive for a drug he hadn’t taken. It is now thought Gatlin will simply claim that he ‘didn’t know’ what he was taking and drop allegations about a ‘rogue masseuse’.

Whether the practice that is fast becoming known as ‘invoking Campbell-Brown’ will catch on in wider legal practice is unknown. But UK lawyers were unanimous in their condemnation last night.