Q & A with Anthony Whiteman: World Record holder for the 800m, 1500m & the Mile at V40 talks to Eightlane

Q & A with Anthony Whiteman: World Record holder for the 800m, 1500m & the Mile at V40 talks to Eightlane

Anthony Whiteman broke the World 800m record for a Vet 40 at the BMC this weekend (See Results HERE) & he talks to Matt Wood from Eightlane.

Q: 1500m, a Mile & now the 800m. Was that the aim this weekend? Did you go out with the record in mind?

I felt it was the best chance of the Summer I was going to get to run fast over 800 so I was keen to ease down for the race. I hoped for the ideal conditions that Trafford often produces to present themselves. The breeze picked up and the rain came so as we came under starts orders and the rain was hitting my back I just thought don’t worry about the pace and “get stuck into the race and be competitive.” As well as thinking “flaming typical with the Weather” (insert some random swear words as well!). Felt smooth in the race, heard 53 as I passed bell and looked to move up. I checked my moving up slightly to hold back an extra gear for the straight which when engaged took me past the leaders and managed to hold on through the line.

Q: You’re meant to get slower with age & move up the distances, not you…47.81 for the 400m is the next one down…I doubt thats a realistic possibility but the 3000m is 8.02, do you think thats possible?

Not really interested in anything above 1500 these days!!

Q: I know you’ve talked about racing rather than training on Twitter, is that something you’ve done this year, just got out and been competitive ? Or have you been putting some serious sessions in? 

1929687_11140710438_8829_nWhen I train I train hard. Try to fit in 3 session a week and my steady runs are 95% 5.45/5.50 miling and up to 5 miles I don’t do as much as I would like to but that probably a good thing. But I do need a few races to get up to speed through the summer.

Q: Could you let us in on what session you did the Tuesday before the event this weekend, and what times you did for the reps?

I did this session the week before and had hoped to repeat it on the Wednesday before Trafford but a School Sports
Day torpedoed me as my Track was occupied.

Session: 4 x 2 by 200, then a 400, 30 sec break then 2.30(lap jog) in 26/26 26/26 27/26 26/25 (2.30 recovery) then 53. Works for me as it’s not too bad to complete alone.

Q: Do you think Masters events should be given some more credit & attention? Or do you think Vets/Masters running should just blend in with the U35′s?

It’s the same as U20’s and U17’s running with the Seniors if you are good enough you are old (or young)  enough and that works both ways. If I can encourage Masters to step out of age-protected events to take on the ‘Kids’ then all good. There are a few I know from the Masters scene that do well in supposed U35 events!

Q: What are your aims for the rest of the season?

See where this form I have found will take me but next stop is Oxford BMC Grand Prix over 800m.

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